One Evening In Maine

One thing I miss so much about our adventures in Maine last week were our every evening trips back to the beach, replacing the sometimes wearying period between dinner and bedtime with freedom and sunshine, guaranteeing tired kids and sandy sheets, no matter how thoroughly we hosed them off.  I miss watching the big kids play so well, hardly ever fighting, because the ocean, the beach, the sand dunes belong to no one.  What is there to fight over when the world seems so abundant?


IMG_8447 IMG_8453

That’s not to say Jax and Em didn’t squabble–of course they did–but they were more likely to just simply walk away, plenty of room to make their own fun and avoid anyone else’s crabbiness.  Besides, with the sea as your playmate. you don’t need anyone else.

13 IMG_8519 IMG_8530IMG_8536 IMG_8554 IMG_8552

Of course, everyone is quick to forgive and forget at the beach, and before long hurt feelings are replaced with laughter and silliness.

IMG_8538 IMG_8533 IMG_8534

We still tried to get Little H in the water every now and then, but no luck.  Her “I no like waves” dogma still applied.  IMG_8585

It’s okay; we’ve learned we just have to have fun with her on shore.

IMG_8569IMG_8601 IMG_8559IMG_8607IMG_8492IMG_8728

I miss these carefree nights with my little family!  With school and schedules looming, nights like these are more precious to me than ever.

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