Making Rainbows Out Of Rain

Into each life some rain must fall,” stated Henry Wordsworth Longfellow. With that sentiment in mind, it seems appropriate that on the last day of our vacation in Maine, when I was feeling a little down about not getting to the beach one last time because of afternoon storms, we were treated to this delightful sendoff after dinner.


Which prompted us to think, What are we waiting for? and take the kids to the beach one last time, even with Jax and Em already in their pajamas.  We couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to Drakes Island, and while the rain sputtered to a stop, we had every inch of the beach to ourselves.  Rainbows make the best messengers.  Ours said, Get out and enjoy every last minute of your vacation!  So we did.  Who are we to argue with a rainbow?

IMG_9221 IMG_9236

Farewell frolicking waves, farewell footprints and sandy toes!

IMG_9265PicMonkey CollageIMG_9274

Farewell countless memories made, hours spent together just the five of us, solidifying bonds that go beyond just siblings into true friendships.

PicMonkey CollageIMG_9322

Farewell to our happy place, until we meet again!


Thank you for another amazing week full of breathtaking memories!

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