Home Alone

Little H and I have been enjoying each other’s company these busy school mornings, and she often gleefully says, “It’s just you and me, Mom!” as soon as the big kids are out the door.  But sometimes I think she might miss some of her other favorite people in her life when we’re home alone all day.


It’s not that I’m not fun, or that we don’t have many fabulous adventures together.  It’s just the smiles that light her face when big brother and big sister get home, and the quiet hugs she gives them out of nowhere, that makes me think she misses them more than she lets on.  Or that maybe being away from them all day makes her appreciate her favorite playmates.


She will randomly talk about how her “bwuddah” (brother) and sister are at school, or announce as we drive in that general direction where they are, or show such excitement when we go to pick them up.  She’s finally reaping the benefits of being the only child left in the house, but I think sometimes she wishes there was a bit more of a crowd.


Only about 160 more school days to go, Little H!  They’ll be home soon.

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