The Second Child Loses A Tooth

This little beauty is growing up. Em lost her first tooth!

Photo Nov 02, 4 06 42 PM

There are no photos leading up to the event because she didn’t tell us it was loose until it was practically sideways.  Definitely not ready for her closeup! But it popped out on the drive down to Massachusetts for her cousin’s birthday, and with all the ensuing commotion, I forgot to take the requisite her-holding-her-tooth and gaping smile shots like we did when Jax lost his first tooth a few months before.  Second child syndrome in full effect.  But I did some photos of her unlocking our fairy door so the tooth fairy could come in!


(poor Second Child…maybe Mommy could have given your hair a once over before your Tooth Fairy photo? Jeez!)


With the door safely unlocked, the Tooth Fairy visited that night and brought Em a beautiful golden dollar in her special tooth fairy pillow.  Even though I don’t have the photos to prove it, she was thrilled!  Maybe I’ll get a substitute shot the next time she loses a tooth!   Poor Second Child!

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