Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Ornament

Sometimes Pinterest fails can turn out pretty cute in the right hands.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

First of all, ingredients: you need some brown buttons for a trunk, some yarn to sew it all together (we used red but brown might be more appropriate), a large needle to thread through all the buttons, green buttons of a LARGE size differential, and a star for the top.

I got one bag of assorted green buttons, and assumed the size difference in size would be large enough to make a triangular tree, but it definitely was not.  So in true Rub Some Dirt On It fashion, while the kids sewed the trunk, I scrounged up a solution.


Of course, if you’ve been hanging out here long enough, you know that I am of the Go Big or Go Home mentality when it comes to crafting, but in this case I literally had to go big, as in bigger buttons.  All I had were MUCH bigger buttons from some forgotten project, which was going a bit extreme, but the kids agreed they were better than nothing.  We sewed them tightly to our tree trunks and then added our smaller green buttons by size, adding the star on top.

 Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Well, once the buttons were assembled, we all had to admit that our button tree ornaments left a little to be desired.  But it was the thought and effort that counts, and who doesn’t love a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

So if you want to do this yourself the correct way, be sure to have a greater size differential among your green buttons.  But if you love the imperfection that homemade brings, feel free to wing it and make your own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Ornament, as we did.



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