Traditions Made To Be Broken

Traditionally, I take my Christmas card photo kind of seriously (shocker), so no one in my family is surprised when I ask the kids to put on their Christmas pajamas, leave the house in their bathrobes and go stand and smile in front of a barn.  Photo shoots are pretty status quo around here.  With such a mild winter so far, I didn’t even have to worry about winter coats or mittens, and we got a great photo on our first attempt.  That was definitely a holiday miracle!

Another tradition we have is to take out all the Christmas decorations along with our ornaments when we are ready to decorate our newly-cut tree.  We always get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and we open up all of our holiday boxes after dinner, playing Christmas music for the first time and laying out all our Christmas goodies.  But with Jax home from school that Friday and everyone in the Christmas spirit, I decided this year traditions were made to be broken.  I brought out all the decor and toys other than the ornaments a couple of days early, and with three kids at home, tired from a whirlwind trip to Massachusetts, I was sure happy I did.  They were, too!


IMG_2484 IMG_2475 IMG_2483

When we combine tree-decorating with the unloading of all our Christmas gear, the kids go into a holiday overload and everything gets admired for two seconds before they move on to something else.  Spreading out the decorating, letting them fully appreciate all our little Christmas treasures–coloring books, nutcrackers, Little People nativity set and Christmas train, Playmobil and Lego knicknacks–while Little H napped encouraged the big kids to play quietly and independently longer than they had in a long time.


What a wonderful, peaceful beginning to the Christmas season, and what good kids.


Okay, maybe they’re not that good!  Or photo ready, for that matter!


I think this new tradition is one we’ll be keeping for a long time!

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