A Tale of Two Sisters

Once upon a time there was a very little girl who wanted so much to be like her big sister.  She wore her sister’s old nightgowns that had been outgrown, even when they came down to the very tips of her toes.  She wanted her own hair to grow long like her sister’s and tried to style it like hers during the day, regardless of how crazy her hair looked before bed.  She wanted to sleep in her sister’s bed every day for nap and every night while sister played in their brother’s room next door, hoping she could get a big sister cuddle before they fell asleep.  They were very best friends and Little Sister looked up to Big Sister ever so much.

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Their mommy loves having two girls and loves that the two sisters enjoy sharing a bedroom, whispering deep into the night and waking her up with their laughter early in the morning.  But Mommy wasn’t ready to let the little sister grow up too fast; after all, she was the last baby and dear to Mommy’s heart.  So Mommy kept her locked in her tower as long as she could, but the day arrived when even Mommy had to admit that her baby girl wasn’t a baby any longer.

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So Daddy broke the littlest girl out of her tower and she was free to come and go as she pleased.

IMG_4259 IMG_4260

And of course, she was delighted.

Now big sister can tuck her little sister in every night, and they can pass books and stuffies and secrets back and forth across the room like big girls do.  And the baby only naps in her big sister’s bed during the day because she misses her, not because she has something little sister does not.

 IMG_4264 IMG_4266

And without a doubt, they all grew up to be lovely young ladies inside and out and they both lived happily ever after.

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