A Small Snowy Excursion

Little H and I took a walk to the end of our road yesterday, to look at the street sign and learn how to spell our street.  I know some of you not stay-at-home moms out there are like, Come again? That’s the crap you do all day?  Listen, pal.  These are big goings-ons for a two-year-old, when our driveway and street are oh-so-very long, and letters are impressive and exciting friends.  For the amount of effort it takes to wrangle a toddler into hats and mittens and boots, it better be a big deal, and talking a wintery walk for a little reading practice was a before-nap time-killing win for everyone.  Plus, she’s cute in her hat and mittens.


But I digress.

So Little H, our pup Baxter and I made the trek down the driveway.  We hadn’t gone far before Baxter had totally freaked Little H out with his constant barking and leaping and nipping in encouragement of snowballs thrown for his amusement.  Halfway down the hill she wanted to put the dog back inside, but I knew if we went back to the warm house I would never get her back out again, and I wanted to take some photos, damnit!  A nice white background, cute pink accessories and softly falling snow were totally worth a grumpy two-year-old.  And to be honest, her glare is one of her more constant facial expressions right now–it must be preserved for posterity.


She came around eventually, not because of anything I said or did, but because of the chance to catch falling snowflakes on her tongue.  Our snow accumulation this year has been pathetic, and she was ready for some frozen fun.


Oh, be still my camera-wielding heart!


Did we make it to the end of our street?  Nope.  We barely made it another few feet because once the snow stopped falling, Little H was officially over it.  Our winter wonderland is not so much magical as an expanse of dirty snow, and there was a nap calling. Plus, I got the photos I was hoping for so I was more than happy to go inside! I was pleased we explored a little bit of our local world, and even if we never looked at the letters on our street sign, we did write our names with a stick in the snow.  I’ll chalk it all up to a wintery win.  With an annoying dog.


Stay cool.

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