Ho-Hum Housekeeping & A Cell Phone Dump

January is creeping to an end and as I consider if I have anything blog-worthy to share, I get a mental shrug in reply.  Of course we are busy–the kids began rec basketball, Emmy  is flourishing in Ballet I, Hannah is taking a sweet little clay class–but nothing worth devoting to cyber paper.  Actually, I have set each of the big kids up with a blog, which has been incredibly fascinating to watch as both a blogger and a mother, but those are not for public consumption so even though they are entertaining us all, we will keep that to ourselves.  Emmy’s is dedicated to her artwork and she bravely shared it with her class yesterday.  Jackson’s is just his musings, all in writing, very much like his mother. So all is well but still ho-hum, yet another cold and wintry month in Vermont.

So…yeah…that’s about it.  How about some cell phone pictures to keep this post from being utterly boring?


Looking forward to spicing things up in February, but appreciating this quiet, cozy January all the same.

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