School Is In Session

We had a four day weekend last week, but that didn’t stop my kids from declaring school in session!

It started with Jax experimenting with baking soda and vinegar while I was still in my pajamas and eating my breakfast.  It was an entertaining meal to say the least!  Quite educational.

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I was proud of my little mad scientist, who set up the entire experiment himself, but had to put a stop to his explosive tendencies when the mess took on a life of its own.

IMG_4290I suggested to him and Em that since it was frigid outside and they had lots of big ideas of how they wanted to spend their day, Why don’t you set up a school?  Little H and your many creepy dolls could be your students.  They loved the idea and just like that, I had the table to myself again as they ran off to set it all up.

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Em made the “schedule:” Math, Music, Gym, Library, Art, Science, Home.  If you need help following along, just follow the light saber pointer for assistance.

I was pleased that they insisted on starting the day with the Pledge of Allegiance…


…and then Jax took over for some early morning math work.  The girls were an attentive audience.


I had to insist to Jax that he keep the math equations basic, and Em was happy to help her little sister when she was stuck on an answer.

IMG_4308 IMG_4309

Star student!

Then Em got out the instruments for a little bit of music, It’s The Hard Knock Life from “Annie,” to be exact.  As always, we are ever-so-grateful to Uncle Chris for Little H’s trumpet.  As delightfully deafening as ever!

IMG_4315 IMG_4321

Music was followed by Mr. Jax’s gym class, which began with five laps around the house for warm ups and then a rousing game of hopscotch.

PicMonkey Collage

Then it was time for a super Pinterest science experiment fail with Teacher Mommy: supposedly if you fill two glasses with colored water and place a tightly wrapped paper towel in, the color will “travel” up the paper towel and fill the middle glass with the secondary color revealed when you combine the original two colors.  We tried several hyphothoses–more water, less water, water in the middle, increased length of time, thinner paper towels, shorter paper towels… You name it, we attempted it.  The only conclusion to be drawn from this experiment was this: Pinterest lies.  Or our paper towels are just too damn absorbent.  Inconclusive findings at this point.  Definitely wasn’t Mommy’s fault.


At least it was pretty.


To disguise my Pinterest failure, I announced it was snack time and Jax read a story to the students during Library.


Miss Em really came to life when she was teaching art, actually communicating to her “students” rather than shuffling shyly around in front of them as she had before.  She even had real projects in mind and helped Little H with her work.  Art is definitely where she shines.

IMG_4344 IMG_4350

And right before the bell rang, there was choice time.  Jax and Little H decided some dress-up and theatrical play was in order.

IMG_4352 IMG_4354

If this is what their days are like in school, I can’t believe they aren’t following asleep in their suppers.  What an exhausting (and completely entertaining!) day of school! I’m so pleased that they love their school and teachers so much that they want to be just like them.  Makes my teacher-on-hiatus heart happy.

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