Thank You & 15 Moments of Parenting Shame

Five years ago today, Rub Some Dirt On It came into existence as it is now known, for consumption outside of my family circle.


It’s been an amazing learning curve, a wonderfully supportive community, a platform for photography, and an online baby book for three incredible humans.  Thank you for joining me on this journey, and for all your support, whether it’s following along here, on social media, commenting, sharing, or just reading.  I appreciate each and every one of you! 400,000 page views is not something I could have done alone!

In celebration, here are ten hilarious stories of motherhood: bumps, bruises and all!  Please revel in my shame and know that you, too, are not alone!

  1. Full Disclosure: Pooping On The Slide & I Almost Fled To Canada
  2. The Tale of Shopping at Walmart Before a Snowstorm
  3. Why Sometimes Cocktails At 8:29 a.m. Are Valid
  4. The Time Em Was Super Ungrateful
  5. I Can’t Hack Working Outside The Home
  6. Potty Talk and a Drive-By
  7. Mothers Don’t Get Sick Days
  8. The Time Jax Pooped On The Floor at the Library
  9. Bitchy Other Moms Suck
  10. Side Effects of Growing Up Rural
  11. The Time Someone Let My Kid Play In Pee
  12. If Only…
  13. The Time I Threw Part of Em’s Body Down a Manhole
  14. The Day I Became A Local At Friendly’s
  15. When I Realize I’m Doing Okay
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