Two Takes On The First Snow

The week after Christmas, we finally! got our first snow of the year.  Almost enough for skiing, barely enough for sledding.  It is very amusing for me to watch how children react to the first snow fall.

Five year olds can dress themselves in their snow gear, run through the snow under their own power, and gleefully slide on their bottoms, attempt to build snowmen, and make snow angels.  Ah, the five-year-old in the first snow of the year! Joy incarnate.

IMG_3811 IMG_3812 IMG_3814

Then, there’s the two-year-old: she cannot dress herself and is useless when it comes to putting her thumb in the right hole of her mittens.  She cannot wade through even the powderiest snow without losing a boot, and overall, her fun in the snow lasts approximately thirty seconds, 10 times as long as it took to get her dressed.


The five-year-old wins! The snow vanquishes the baby.  Until next time, snow.  We’ll meet again soon.

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