The Day It Rained Hearts Math Fun!

The Day It Rained Hearts Math Fun! @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and since it is one of my favorite holidays of the year, I do love going the extra mile with the kids to create crafts that spread the love.  We have might QUITE a few homemade Valentines, which was a bit more than I was expecting, but both Jax and Em headed off to school this morning with bags of notes for their friends and teachers to let them know how much they are loved.  Little H made two bead pipe cleaner hearts for her preschool teachers, and Em made a bunch for the adults in her classroom.  Our little home mailbox is getting more full every day with notes and Valentines from the kids to us and other family members, and all in all, we are all feeling oh-so-lovely.

The Day It Rained Hearts Math Fun! @ Rub Some Dirt On ItThe Day It Rained Hearts Math Fun! @ Rub Some Dirt On It

One of my other favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with our favorite Valentine book, The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond.  We have read this book a zillion times and have had it read to us at the library and in our Arts For Tots class.  It always gets me thinking about a fun math activity I did with the big kids a few years ago, and since Little H and I were headed to JoAnn Fabrics anyway, I thought it might be time for another go round of The Day It Rained Hearts math!

 Basically all you need are scissors, glue, and lots of different styles of card stock, including two different colors for your hearts.  Little H had a ball picking out the card stock for each of her siblings’ umbrellas, and the Easter egg pattern for herself (yikes!).  I found sky-colored paper for our background and pink and red sheets for our hearts.  Then the kids cut out their own umbrellas and designed their raining hearts.  The only person who had any real instructions was Jax, who only had to somehow group his hearts together.  Then, because I’m a nerd, we made different math equations about the arrangement of hearts on each person’s paper.  They were all different and appropriate to their math level.

Little H went first.  We counted all her red hearts, and all her pink hearts.  Then we counted how many in all.  She doesn’t understand the idea of equations yet, so we just kept it simple with one-to-one correspondence.

The Day It Rained Hearts Math Fun! @ Rub Some Dirt On It

I will allow you fair readers to take a moment to admire the Easter egg umbrella.  Fancy, isn’t it?

Em figured out her math equation on her own.  I’m so proud of my girl, learning so much in kindergarten this year!

I have 2 red hearts.  I have 7 red hearts.  I have 9 hearts in all.  2 +7 =9

The Day It Rained Hearts Math Fun! @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Jax is ready for a bit of a challenge, so I asked him to make a multiplication equation.  Nailed it!

I have five groups of two hearts.  5 x 2 = 10

The Day It Rained Hearts Math Fun! @ Rub Some Dirt On It (3)

Also, please stop and admire Jax’s umbrella as well.  Such a striking combination!

Differentiating for math can be fairly painless when you stop and think about how each of your children learns and what they are ready for.  They all did this project together side-by-side, and it was a lot of fun watching them solve their problems on their own!

This is making me very excited to shower them with love on Sunday!  I can’t wait to celebrate each of them in their own way.

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