A Southern Comfort Photo Shoot

When one of your best friends since pretty much forever, who lives in some sort of suburban paradise in South Carolina, calls you to say that for the amount she would pay for a photo shoot down there, she might as well buy you a plane ticket, you just say, “Tell me when,” and you go.  Because friendships are important and her babies will only be this little for so long, and you’ve only met one of her three!  Time for some southern comfort and a photo shoot among the peach blossoms!

I got to meet her three wonderful children, who are so sweet and endearing, I really miss them!  Tom and Dawn, you are good parents, my friends!

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We knocked out a few family and sibling photos right off the bat while the baby was being cooperative, and while we were just warming up, I had a little model who was going full tilt.  In fact, I was changing my lens, looked up, and there she was, posing on her own, practically begging me to hurry up.  My pleasure!
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Not only was I able to hang out with my friend and her family, her parents live there as well, whom I have known for the past twenty-five years.  The whole experience was about as warm, loving, and nostalgic a shoot as I have ever done!

PicMonkey Collage1

And we had a bit of fun as well!

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Especially when Dawn and Tom decided to keep it real: candy for the big kids, beer for the grown-ups, and…what is the baby doing?  Ah, well, third kid.  That’s real life.

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After eleven years of marriage, it was great to see that these two are still as happy and make each other laugh as much as ever!

In the end, the shoot was magical, and worth ever minute of the journey.

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Thank you for hosting me, dear friends, and for trusting me with your memories!  It was a glorious weekend all around.

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I hope to see you all soon!

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