Jumping For Joy! The Way Life Should Be!

Boy, do our kids love Maine!  We do, too, and when we surprised them with an unexpected trip to celebrate my birthday/Father’s Day/the end of the school year, they couldn’t contain their excitement.  They were jumping for joy!


We all love the glorious family time that comes when arrive in Maine–cell phones suddenly don’t work, Daddy gets a couple extra days off, bedtimes get thrown to the wind.  Plus there’s a big old ocean that we don’t get to see very often.  If you have been to Maine in early summer, you know that ocean can be COLD!  But these little Vermonters are not afraid of a little chill, and nothing can keep them from exploring and leaping and frolicking from the moment we get to the shore until we drag them away.

IMG_8818 IMG_8821 IMG_8838 IMG_8842

Little H was not a fan of the ocean last year.  She kept her feet firmly planted on the sand.  All winter, when we talked about our upcoming trip to Maine, she would say, “But I don’t like big waves, right, Mom?”  I kept suggesting that maybe she does like waves, perhaps just the little ones, and she was willing to be brave this time around.  I was proud of her, my little sassy pants who doesn’t back down easily.

IMG_8845 IMG_8847IMG_8927

Maybe the joy of the older two was just too contagious to resist.

IMG_8861IMG_8849 IMG_8856

I haven’t had my big camera in my hands for this long in months.  I was enjoying myself as much as them.  There’s nothing like the ocean and my kids to inspire me once again.  Oh, yes, and Jason is pretty darn great, too!


Even I got in the photos every now and then, thanks to Jason and the kids!

IMG_8909 IMG_8938

I can sit on the shore and watch the tide bury my feet for hours.  Hannah was happy to join me.  I think we started a trend!

IMG_8947 IMG_8947IMG_8956 IMG_8957 IMG_8958 IMG_8965 IMG_8976IMG_8971 IMG_8979

Maine! The Way Life Should Be!


We all certainly think so!

IMG_8982 IMG_8983

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