Small and Special

Our life is so full of transition right now–transitioning to our summer routine, later bedtimes, less structure, more spontaneity–that picking up my camera has become a bit of an afterthought.  It takes a momentous occasion, like our trip to Maine last week (photos forthcoming) or Father’s Day weekend for me to remember, Oh yeah! I should probably bring my camera!  But some days, when the moments are not so earth-shattering, but small and special, taking a mental picture just isn’t enough.  I need to remember the light and the moment and everything about them forever, without trusting to memory.  After all, a girl is only six once.


I was walking out to the front yard and stopped dead in my tracks.  Maybe it was the light behind her, dappling the newly sprouted leaves of the magnolia tree.  Maybe it was her hair or her skirt or something about her expression that made me think of the older girl to come, but I couldn’t just walk on by and a cell phone photo just wouldn’t do.  Lashes and tendrils like those deserve the big camera.


Now the question becomes, better in color or black and white?


My big camera may not always be in hand these days, but with moments like these, it’s worth stopping to commemorate the small and special.

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