A 4th To Remember

A little late commemorating the 4th, as always, but these smiles are too sweet to just forget.  It was the first 4th of July my kids were big enough to wander–a little!–without adult supervision.  You know, Okay, you can go get an ice cream right THERE and then come straight back and I secretly watched them them the whole time.  But they felt big and I knew they were big and I handled it, for the most part, pretty well.  Good thing I have the baby who still needs me!PicMonkey Collage

This year was like every other year–fireworks, face paint, bouncy houses and carnival games–but it was the first year all three felt, well, big.  Notice a theme here?  Maybe I’m nostalgic, but having all three stay awake for the fireworks no problem was a bit mind-blowing to this mom who sometimes thinks that the 4th of July sleep-deprivation hangover is more trouble than its worth. (Shhh! That’s sacrilege! Don’t tell JDubbs!)


Although in Hannah’s case, I do love a good set of fireworks! PicMonkey Collage1IMG_9061

So does she, apparently! Not to be outdone, here comes Emmy, who asked for a 4th of July princess or something? I think she was thinking more along the lines of Elsa, but with all the compliments she got about her original, patriotic facepaint, she didn’t take it off until the next day, after she’d been in the pool and had no choice!


In the end, everyone was happy, especially me when I have my family up from Massachusetts–including two busy teenagers–and my dad, plus Jason’s family.  It just doesn’t feel like the 4th without lots of family gathered around picnic blankets and late-night snuggles waiting for fireworks.
IMG_9070 IMG_9073IMG_9077IMG_9083 IMG_9086  IMG_9092

Maybe next year we’ll sign up for the family pentathlon! Now wouldn’t that be memorable!?

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