A Summer Story of Strawberry Sisters

Summer’s almost over? What?


I agree, Hannah. I feel like I blinked and summer is over.  I know we still have our amazing family vacation to Maine to look forward to next week, and we have had a lot of fun as a family, but it’s hard to wrap my brain around how fast the clock is ticking toward a new school year for my kids, a new career for me, and a new way of life for all of us as we begin the juggle of becoming a household with two working parents.  Good thing the kids had wonderful weeks of camp, awesome adventures with friends, and great days like this one the girls and I shared when Jackson was at VINS camp to remind us to slow down and stop and pick the strawberries.


Don’t mind if we do!



Yes, we drove 40 minutes to pick them ourselves, yes I arrived and only had $4 in cash (enough to buy a pint!), and yes I got pulled over for speeding on the way there.  Almost the most expensive strawberries ever!  Luckily I was let off with a warning so I took my $4 in cash and we headed for the strawberry patch.

It was hot and sunny (note the squinty smiles), but Emmy was very happy to eat her way through the rows of berries all the same.  She was in heaven.

PicMonkey CollageIMG_9108

Hannah doesn’t love strawberries, so she was there more as an observer and a fair weather helper, but it was a good sister adventure regardless.  We had to do something memorable when it was just a ladies day!
IMG_9102 IMG_9104

I know we’ll have a few more memorable days before summer really winds down, and I have the perfect company.  These girls are as sweet as they come.  So were the berries!

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