The First Day In Maine

The first day in Maine during our annual family vacation is ever the same: we arrive, we scurry to unpack, the kids run around the house like crazy people, claiming beds and unpacking books and toys “just so,” which is hilarious since they will never be organized or in their appropriate place again, and then we jump back in the car to greet the glorious Atlantic Ocean at our favorite Drakes Island Beach.  We never bother to bring bathing suits.


Why do we never bother with the bathing suits? Probably because we just unpacked them in the first place, it’s late, after dinner time sometimes, and because we always assume erroneously that the kids can just go in a teeny bit without getting their clothes wet.  Maybe it was because they used to be little enough to go naked or just in their skivvies.  Whatever the reason, our first night in Maine is always full of pictures like these.  Every year and we never learn. Why should we?


I think I know what it is.  It’s not that we are too lazy or we just don’t bother; it’s that we don’t care.  It is somewhat ceremonial and symbolic that we are in such a rush to get to the beach that we can’t even discard the layers of civilization before we arrive.  And seeing them knee-deep in the ocean in the clothes they wear to school, church, the grocery store, makes me think, Ah, yes.  Now we have arrived.  We are officially on vacation. Let the not-caring begin!

The kids think this is an excellent way to begin our week.  Beach hair, underwear, don’t care.

IMG_9353 IMG_9357 IMG_9367IMG_9426 IMG_9431IMG_9382 IMG_9385

As the sun nears the horizon and we have properly introduced ourselves to the locals…

IMG_9411 IMG_9415 IMG_9416 IMG_9424

we head back home to gear up for the next wonderfully relaxing day in Maine.

Wouldn’t have it any other way!IMG_9464

IMG_9470 IMG_9474

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