Many Many Maine Memories

So many photos, so little time.  Here is the rundown:

Old Orchard Beach and its awesome/terrifying/powerful waves, sand angels, and Grampy

img_9850img_9864  img_9880img_9859img_9886 img_9890

Evenings At the Beach with Auntie Jenny

picmonkey-collage img_9921img_9926 img_9929  img_9942 picmonkey-collage1img_9966 img_9972 img_9987  img_9993 img_9994img_0002 img_0003 img_0004 img_0009

Another evening, another sunset at the beach, more mud, some acrobatics

img_0038 img_0048img_0042picmonkey-collage img_0065 img_0074

Sunset + My Kids + Shadows + Reflections = Mommy’s Heart Bursting

img_0079-2img_0090-2 picmonkey-collage img_0142img_0145

And one last day in Maine to blog about…another time.  These memories are glorious enough to keep me happy for a while!


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