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Handprint Butterfly (For Two!)

So when big cousins are here visiting for a week, inevitably at times the clan gets divided by interest or by gender just because that’s the nature of having a group of five kids ages 1-14.  One afternoon Jax was determined to “teach” his big cousin Christian how to play the Wii, so the ladies and I headed outside on the deck for a little arts and crafts leisure time.  Erika picked out a craft she’d like to try on Pinterest, and we put our own twist on it by making one handprint butterfly with two sets of hands: Erika’s hands were the big wings, and Em’s hands made the little ones.

handprint butterfly @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Came out pretty cute, huh?

So first I painted Em’s hands the colors of her choice, and then she placed them thumb to thumb to form the lower wings of a butterfly.


Then I let Em paint Erika’s hands.  I think that was her favorite part!


handprint butterflies @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Little H didn’t know what was going on but I gave her a paintbrush and dry watercolors and she “painted” alongside us.  And yes, in case you’re wondering, I am the kind of mom who lets her kids paint in white dresses.  Doesn’t everyone?

Then we pressed Erika’s hands atop Em’s, turned the other way to be the upper portion of the wings, and then painted a butterfly body and antennae.


After much discussion, we decided against outlining the wings in marker as I was going to do and settled for a sweet smiley face when the paint was dry instead.


This was the perfect gift for Grandma (who snatched it right up the moment my niece showed it to her), or for Mom made by two siblings or for a child and her best friend!  Nothing better than a piece of art that shows how two people lift each other up in life and in love!  Art with a loving message.

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Coffee Filter Butterfly Mobile

 This summer I must admit, we kept the crafting to a minimum because a) I had a baby b) we spent so much time outside, who wants to be inside with gluesticks and construction paper? and c) there isn’t a major holiday that screams handmade decorations! to me in the summer months.  Fourth of July comes and goes and all I want to do is drink margaritas and eat hot dogs, not decoupage furniture or scrub glitter glue off my kitchen table.  Then fall arrived and the kids are in school, crafting like mad, so I don’t feel like inundating them with more when they get home.

For some reason, though, I was thinking about the coffee filter butterflies I made with Jax years ago and realized I never made them with Em.  Compound that with the fact that my kids have been coming home with caterpillar- and butterfly-themed work from preschool, and I figured now would be a great time to dust off an old favorite, with a new twist.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Mobile ~ Rub Some Dirt On It

A coffee filter butterfly mobile!

So while they kids were watching TV on Friday, I got everything situated for watercolors at the kitchen table, complete with laying down my ever-useful butcher paper to protect the table. Then when their show was over, everything was ready and no kids were left unattended with bowls of water or paint.  Finally, I gave them the green light to paint the coffee filters and watched their creativity unfold.



At first I couldn’t believe how well they were behaving! They were quiet and engaged.  They painted for so long–longer than Jax has ever painted in one sitting before.  I thought that maybe they would each paint one or two filters, but they kept asking for more and more until they had painted eight in all!  The first go round was splotchy, but for the last few they covered every inch of that coffee filter, making vibrant and beautiful butterflies!



As always, H was such a good sport about being left out of the crafty fun, but now that she can sit in the high chair and feel like part of the action, she’s a lot less cranky when I leave her alone for extended periods of time.  Baby girl loves watching her brother and sister at work!


Plus a cold spoon always helps!

After the coffee filters dried, I had the kids choose which pipe cleaners went with which butterflies and I folded them like a fan and then secured them with the pipe cleaner bodies and antennae.  Then I used yarn and hung them from a wire clothes hanger, which I hung in their closet doorway, and now we have a butterfly mobile as a fun, homemade decoration in the kids’ bedroom!


For a kid like Jax who is always reluctant to do fine motor work, this craft was a hit!  Plus it was fun to display their art in a different way.  Keeping a bit of bright summer beauty with us through the autumn season, and maybe even getting back on the crafty track.

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Fish & Butterfly Valentines

The most beautiful Valentines I’ve ever made!  I love them so much, I wish I could give them to myself.  Kidding (kind of).  Interested? Here we go!

Fish Valentines

Cut out 2 equal sized hearts.  Fit them together so the bumpy sides are overlapping.  Glue.

Add a third, smaller heart for a fishy tail.

A smile and an eye equals a lovely fish valentine!

Butterfly Clothespin Valentines

Take a clothespin, add some hearts for wings and buttons for a body.

Pipe cleaner antennae, pom poms for an extra touch, and there is your beautiful clothespin butterfly valentine!

All this material (including foam hearts for probably 80% off right about now) can be found at your local craft store.  The perfect way to tell someone you care by going the extra mile.  And they really are beautiful.

Happy valentine-ing!

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Favorite Craft #6: Coffee Filter Butterflies

This was the first day we attempted to paint with watercolors.
I liked it a lot better than regular paint. Just as colorful, half as messy. Unless you count the potential for flooding, but if you keep the dipping water to a minimum, you should be all right.
For our maiden voyage, we wanted to go easy. I found a really simple and low-mess idea for watercolors for preschoolers. Painting on a coffee filter.
Apparently since coffee filters are a porous material, it creates a more watery watercolor, meaning that the colors bleed and blend into each other in a very cool Impressionist kind of way. You could also use paper towels for the same effect.
We taped ours to newspaper so that it would lay flat. It was impossible to get off so I just cut around it.
And voila! Pretty coffee filter art for one and all!
The last step is to take your coffee filter and morph them into butterflies.  I think they came out awesome.
Don’t you love it?  I just pleated the coffee filter like a fan, pinched the middle and then wrapped half a pipe cleaner around it.  Leave a little for antennae!  It made such a big difference from just a plain colored coffee filter.  Now it feels like a little work of art!We gave them as gifts to my sister and niece for their birthdays: a simple, great way to make someone’s day! 
Teachable moment idea:  as you’re transforming the coffee filter into a butterfly, you can talk to your kids about metamorphosis.  You could even pull out Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar for reference.  Jax was hardly intrigued by the folding of the filter, which was the most exciting part, so it would not have been a very useful lesson for me, but I think an older preschool kid would get a big kick out of it!  Let me know if you give it a try!
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Button & Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars

button & pipe cleaner caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

This was one of those activities for when Em chooses the absolutely worst moment–when I’m changing a poopy diaper, in the midst of a mountain of laundry, trying to work some culinary magic out of leftovers–to ask me to do a craft.  I always feel badly when I tell her I’m too busy, especially since she’s four and with very little preparation can do the rest herself.  So I set her down a bowl of buttons and a pipe cleaner and asked her to string them.  I turned one end up at a right angle so she wouldn’t keep pushing them all the way off.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

If I had been helping her with this, I would have discussed things like color, size, and pattern with her.  That wasn’t in the cards for this day, so the only adjustment I made was asking her to put a larger button on the end for a face.

So before you get to your very last button, cut a small piece of pipe cleaner off and twist it into a V shape for antennae.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

When you add the final button, loop the pipe cleaner back through for a nose, if you will.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then add some googly eyes and you have a pocket-sized pet!

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

And if you can, don’t forget to do one of my awesome butterfly crafts next!  Such a fun way for your little to keep busy and do some crafts on their own!

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Last Minute Valentine Ideas

Anyone else out there just realizing that even though Valentine’s Day isn’t until Sunday, we only have two days left to get our act together for valentines for school?? Yes I bought the traditional commercialized box of Star Wars/Princesses/Paw Patrol valentines, but what about the other loved ones in our lives?  Grandparents, special teachers, cousins and best friends?  Do you need just a little something extra, but something that doesn’t require you to have to run out to the store one more time? I’ve got you covered with a few very LOVE-ly but also simple ways to show people you care.

Handprint Heart Valentines

Fish Valentines

Homemade Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It #preschoolvalentines #homemadevalentines #valentinesdaycrafts

Butterfly Valentines

Homemade Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It #preschoolvalentines #homemadevalentines #valentinesdaycrafts

Button Heart Valentines

Homemade Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It #preschoolvalentines #homemadevalentines #valentinesdaycrafts


Homemade Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It #preschoolvalentines #homemadevalentines #valentinesdaycrafts

Melted Crayon Hearts

Homemade Valentines @ Rub Some Dirt On It #preschoolvalentines #homemadevalentines #valentinesdaycrafts

Time for me to go get creating as well!  Spread the love!

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Coffee Filter Watercolor Turkeys

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time for a little Tom Turkey in our lives.  Em had a playdate and she insisted that one of the things she wanted to do was a craft, so we decided to do have one ready and waiting for the girls when her friend arrived.  She chose to make Coffee Filter Turkeys, using watercolors to paint the tail.  Super cute!

I laid out two pieces of construction paper and cut out a turkey body, turkey feet, a beak, and a turkey “snood” (which I just discovered is what that red dangly thing is) for each girl.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

The website where I found this used markers to color in the turkey tail (dipped in water afterward) but Em didn’t want to do that. She loves painting coffee filters with watercolors so she couldn’t pass up an opportunity to do it again.  She had a vision–she wanted to paint her turkey tail in a rainbow.  I love this sweet girl so much.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

After the “tail” dries, glue it onto the construction paper, leaving room for the body and feet.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then assemble your turkey and add some eyes.  Color some in or add googly ones!

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It Coffee Filter Watercolor Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then step back and be thankful for easy but adorable crafts like this!

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