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Round Here

Round here Daddy is away for work this week, so we are trying to keep busy, get to school on time, and recover from an amazing wedding weekend in Massachusetts.  A tall order for this mom who is used to having a very hands-on Daddy around to help.  So here’s what we’re doing round here to pass the time until he comes back!  We’re enjoying…

doing chores.

Seriously? Doing chores? Absolutely. Little H loves nothing more than being helpful around the house! And I love letting her.

IMG_8608 IMG_8612 IMG_9817 1

our reading lamps.

There’s nothing like a good book before bed!


finally!  A ponytail!


and playing more independently.

IMG_9869 IMG_9871

But most of all, round here we are missing Daddy!  Come home soon, JDubbs!

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Round Here (But Not)

Around here, something is missing, namely US!  We are in Maine for the next seven days, which is truly one of our ultimate happy places.  Trying to figure out what type of blog post to write while we are off on our adventures, I came to the conclusion that even though we won’t be physically Round Here, our fun will be pretty much the same–just in a much sandier location!

So ’round here, near and far, we are enjoying…

…lots of sibling time, and probably our fair share of desserts.

IMG_4563 IMG_4565

…grand adventures of epic proportions, with our best friend at our back.

IMG_5323 IMG_5325

…appreciating light, color, and curls.


…quiet afternoons, recuperating from very busy mornings.

IMG_4894 IMG_4895


…creating, thinking, and learning.

IMG_7724 IMG_7725 IMG_7741

…many people cramped into not very large spaces.


 But unlike at home, we will be enjoying all these simple pleasures with Daddy with us every day!  Looking forward to creating some pretty amazing memories this week.  I will post photos when I can, but will basically be on hiatus.  Be back soon!

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Round Here

Round here we just got a bonus 3″ of snow dropped on us, right before spring break when the temperatures are supposed to reach the high 60’s.  Round here I am training for my first ever road race (a 5k), and JDubbs and I are counting the days until we escape to Puerto Rico at the end of the month.   Round here I am spending this weekend photographing 8 gorgeous families in my spring mini sessions.  Round here JDubbs has been wrangling all three of our kids on his own more often than usual, and while I am away he’s going to try to boil some of his homemade maple syrup.  Round here we still play indoors a lot, but we are seeing glimpses of spring that give us hope.

Round here…

…we have some inquisitive (and hungry) neighbors who like to visit for lunch.


…we don’t always love doing homework (but we do it anyway).

IMG_6055 IMG_6059

…we make our own rainbows.

IMG_6121 IMG_6132


…we read (a lot).

IMG_6140 (2) IMG_8350-2


…we smile a lot, too.

IMG_6434-2 IMG_6457

…we love Mickey.



…we are artists.

IMG_7776 PicMonkey Collage

Round here things are looking good.  Spring is so close we can almost feel the sunshine on our shoulders.  Next week we have nine entire days for adventures.  I’m looking forward to expanding the limits of our daily life, but this little world we have created in our home is just lovely, too.  No matter what I used to think about this life in Vermont, I realize now that life round here is pretty damn good.

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Round Here

Round here, we’re enjoying…

…Em flourishing in her first real ballet class.


…reading books in various places.

IMG_7855 IMG_8594

…my father-in-law’s 80-200mm lens.  I can’t believe it’s been sleeping in my camera bag for over a year!



IMG_8779 IMG_8782

…and sunshine.  All the sunshine we can muster until it’s too cold to soak it in.



IMG_8634 IMG_8640

And life with these three hoodlums.  Always that!

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Round Here

Round here, we have been picking up the pace.  Out of the house before eight o’clock.  Snacks and water bottles secure in snazzy new backpacks.  Hair cut and styled.  Excitement mounting.  It’s school time.



Yup, the kids are headed to pre-K!

Jax has been an absolute rockstar and even spontaneously thanked JDubbs for sending him to his new school.  He loves it and comes home dirty, exhausted, and delighted.  Em was amazing her first day and I dropped her off without a hitch.  She even asked for a pre-drop-off dance party (to Island Song by Zac Brown Band), which you know made my heart so happy and was an awesome way to start our day and year.  Yesterday, not so much as she literally had to be pried, sobbing, from my arms, but she didn’t hold her breath and pass out, so I will count that as a win for the home team.  Actually, apparently she was fine about two minutes after I left, so next time I will call and check on her so that I don’t waste the morning worrying about her and may get more done than buying consolation cupcakes.  But even the difference in her behavior at the playground on the two days when I picked her up has shown that she is more comfortable. She is playing alongside other kids more, not necessarily with them, but near them, and for that and so many things, I will be grateful.

I am grateful for the fact that we can afford to send our kids to preschool at all, which I know is a luxury.  I am grateful for their intrinsic drive to learn, for Jax’s outgoing and endearing personality (Mom, I made two new friends today!) and for Em’s shy sweetness that will hopefully turn into a comfortable pleasure in her new environment.  Grateful for the alone time with baby H and to be able to run errands with a very happy baby.  All in all, life is good, and I am counting all my many blessings as my babies grow and thrive.

Here’s to a great year to come, and praying for easier drop offs!

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Surrounded By Beauty

I used to live in San Diego, California, quite possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world and without question the most beautiful place I have ever lived.  My life then was lazy and chaotic, rocking Uggs and flip flops, exploring mountains and deserts and beaches.  But the most central part of my casual life in SoCal was without question documenting that beauty as I experienced it, because I knew it wasn’t going to last forever.
I used to take the 101 down the coast to my evening classes at San Diego State just so I could watch the sun set as I sat in traffic.  Might as well, huh?  I used to duck under the pier in OB and dodge the many smelly homeless people to wander the rocks and take photographs with my first quality camera, a little Canon Elph digital that fit in my pocket.  My days ended like this:
(these photos are 100% unedited and taken with a regular old digital camera)
 and my biggest problem was making it to the coast before sunset when the days got shorter.  Beauty everywhere I looked.
Now I live in Vermont: pretty, yes, but to me, it doesn’t hold a candle to my old daily vistas.  Yes, there was traffic but here we are sidelined by snowstorms.  It was completely overcrowded but it made the city feel alive; here no one knows you’re alive unless you make them.
Part of me thinks I’m meant for sunsets rather than sunrises, for freeways rather than dirt roads.  For moments when I felt like there was nothing more beautiful than what I was seeing right now.
But wait.  IS there anything more beautiful than what I have right now?  I look at my children and consider that I’m surrounded by beauty every day.  Ever-changing, ever-impressive, ever heartstring-pulling.  I can’t compare the two.
Look at my daily beauty now.
My baby girl, sitting in the soft glow of a Vermont sunset, looking as pretty in pink as could be.
Lovelier than any vista I’ve ever seen.
So I guess I have no right to complain.  I’ve been surrounded by beauty wherever I’ve gone, in different shapes and different shades and with different views, but beautiful nonetheless.
And the sun does set here, too, you know.
Some kind of lucky.
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Common Ground

Jax and Em are still getting to know each other.  Em watches him in fascination–he is definitely a constant source of entertainment and intrigue for her.  I know in the future she’ll be learning everything she knows from him and she will be dying to keep up.  Jax switches between spontaneous displays of affection (a little head butt kiss here, a pat pat there) and saying, “Hi, Nee Nee (his name for her)!” to punching her with a closed fist and yelling, “No, Nee Nee!” just for existing.  They’re getting closer, and I think once she can sit and be more of a person, he’ll think of her more as a sidekick and less as a nuisance.
One thing that brings them together, though, is the reintroduction of some of Jax’s old toys.  Obviously we’re reusing all the wonderful gifts and toys that we used with Jax, and apparently they are not as forgotten as I thought.  Today he spent a solid half hour in her stationary entertainer (which shockingly did not break under his beefy frame) and he constantly freaks out when she’s under her playmat.  Well, he has a point–it was his playmat first!  He’s tried to roll her off it and my ears are always alert for the “No, no, Nee Nee!” that precedes a physical threat.  But the other day they found a common ground.


Maybe all this talk of sharing is starting to sink in?  Maybe they made a compromise?
Regardless, it’s another step closer to him liking her.  And even baby steps are progress in this house!
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