Happiness Is…{static!}

Need I say more?

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Happiness Is…{laundry baskets}

What is it about laundry baskets?  Is it just my kids, or are they the universal gateway to imagination?

Since I feel like laundry baskets are constantly in a state of flux, being dumped out and filled again with mountains of folded clothes, there is a good chance that you could stumble upon more than one in our downstairs play area at any given time.  And they really do come in handy when you need a change of pace or venue.  The same old books just have a certain extra flair when being read from the comforts of a laundry basket.

Naps beckon with all the more intensity from within the confines of a laundry basket.

And actual pirate ships?  They have nothing on a laundry baskets flying a skull and crossbones while wearing a good pirate scarf.

He’s a fierce one, that pirate Jax.  He’ll make you walk the plank faster than you can say, “Aargh!”

That’s just one of the things that are making us happy as the holidays approach.  The simplest things are what I’m treasuring this Christmas!

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