A Day With Baby D

How lucky am I, that I get to spend days with brand new babies like beautiful little Baby D?


Actually, spending time with his whole family was a pleasure!  There’s nothing like new baby love!

3 4

And being able to shoot outside (especially with a chubby, naked baby!) is just icing on the cake!

2 5

Thank you to the C family for giving me the chance to capture this little guy!

IMG_4703 IMG_4712 IMG_4798

Not a bad side job!

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Joy Of Summer

Summers are meant to be joyful and sun-tanned, with Popsicle juice dripping down your chin.


Staying cool in kiddie pools and the contrast between a hot, hot day and frigid water right out of the hose.

IMG_5008 IMG_5009

When kids can be kids, who are struggling between wanting to be big and growing up while still being small.


It’s tough being a kid, but it’s not often a problem arises that the joys of summer can’t fix!

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A Dirty Diptych

A diptych can be defined as a single work made up of two matching parts, used to put two corresponding or polar opposite images side-by-side to tell a story or contrast ideas.  It’s a great photographic tool and can be used effectively in many ways. I like both of these images from a recent photo shoot very much, but I like them best of all presented next to one another.

  IMG_5319 IMG_5320

I think it tells a more complete story this way.  What do you think?


After all, isn’t telling a more complete story what photography is all about?

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Button & Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars

button & pipe cleaner caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

This was one of those activities for when Em chooses the absolutely worst moment–when I’m changing a poopy diaper, in the midst of a mountain of laundry, trying to work some culinary magic out of leftovers–to ask me to do a craft.  I always feel badly when I tell her I’m too busy, especially since she’s four and with very little preparation can do the rest herself.  So I set her down a bowl of buttons and a pipe cleaner and asked her to string them.  I turned one end up at a right angle so she wouldn’t keep pushing them all the way off.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

If I had been helping her with this, I would have discussed things like color, size, and pattern with her.  That wasn’t in the cards for this day, so the only adjustment I made was asking her to put a larger button on the end for a face.

So before you get to your very last button, cut a small piece of pipe cleaner off and twist it into a V shape for antennae.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

When you add the final button, loop the pipe cleaner back through for a nose, if you will.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then add some googly eyes and you have a pocket-sized pet!

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

And if you can, don’t forget to do one of my awesome butterfly crafts next!  Such a fun way for your little to keep busy and do some crafts on their own!

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Just The Seven Of Us

My niece and nephew Erika and Christian came up in July for a repeat of last year’s epic summer adventure, Christian & Erika Rock Vermont.  The 2014 version had a much bigger toddler in Little H, which was interesting and difficult all at the same time, but Christian and Erika were–as always–fantastic cousins and helpers, so all in all I’d say this was an incredible week that we’ll all remember!

Seven In The Van


An evening hike down to the Quechee Gorge

IMG_3970 IMG_3974

Lots of family fun, like post-dinner games of Yahtzee and ice cream at the White Cottage.


A gorgeous day at the pool



And even more fun at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center!

2 IMG_4034 IMG_4037 IMG_4044

Quiet afternoons at home

IMG_4484 IMG_4486

Where’s Waldo? Scavenger Hunt in Woodstock

  IMG_4498 3

Lots and lots of love going around for five of my favorite people in the universe. 


I just love them all!

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One Of Those Delightful Days

“It was one of those clear,sharp.mustless days


That summer and man delight in.


Never had Heaven seemed quite so high,

Never had earth seemed quite so green,


Never had the world seemed quite so clean


Or sky so nigh.”

~e.e. cummings

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A Camper Collage

Thanks to my brother- and sister-in-law, for the past few years our summers have included weekends at their camper in New Hampshire, living the simple life.  On this visit, the boys made up a secret code, the baby girls kept up us on toes, and Em seemed a bit quiet, preferring the company of grown-ups and being alone to Jax and Tommy.




It’s funny how at home, surrounded by all their books, toys, games, and “stuff,” inevitably at some point every day kids complain that they’re bored.  But at the camper, when there’s “nothing” to do, even the kids embrace the slower pace and just kick back.


3 IMG_4250

 I give us five years and (knowing JDubbs) if we don’t have a camper of our own, I’ll be amazed!  The perfect getaway for a busy family of five.

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