Watching Her

Watching her, watching my phone.  I couldn’t resist taking advantage of her quiet to capture the moment.  To capture all that she is, who she is.

IMG_9928 IMG_9930

She asked me to blow dry her hair straight that morning.  I did the best I could; her hair just wants to wave.



Those are my knee socks she’s wearing; she insisted because they match her dress.  She wore them with plastic glass slippers all around the town of Hanover to see Cinderella, the ballet, on a winter’s day in March.


Because she’s that kind of girl.  All girl, all the time.


And all mine.

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Friends In Colorful Places

Sometimes I’ll admit, I’m a bit more crafty disaster than crafty connoisseur.  But these wooden peg dolls that I made three years ago are still holding up and are still a family favorite!  For a baby girl whose new favorite pastime is sorting, colorful people (even colorful people who have lost half of their hair due to baby slobber) with colorful cups for homes are fantastic friends to have when waiting for dinner.

IMG_0047 IMG_0049

She’s getting so big and communicating so well; I can ask Little H a question and she will (usually) shake her head “no” vigorously, because of course she knows what she wants.  Most of the time it’s food, but a lot of the time it’s these guys.


 I’m proud of the effort it took to make them, proud of the fact that all three of my kids have had a great time playing with these wooden peg dolls, proud of the fact I created something she loves and will keep her quiet for the three and a half minutes it takes to microwave Easy-Mac.


With vegetables!  I swear!  Okay, I microwave the frozen vegetables, but it still counts.

Thank goodness we have friends in colorful places.

To make your own wooden peg dolls, the step-by-step instructions can be found here.

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Golf With My Guy

Since Em and I had our glorious girls’ days away in NYC, my favorite little guy was feeling a little neglected.  Can’t have that.


Nothing a date at a local fundraiser–mini golf in the library!–couldn’t fix!


To raise money, the Howe Library in Hanover set up a miniature golf course inside and for a very nominal fee we could putt to his heart’s content (which was about 24 holes) and then eat pizza and cookies.  It was pretty much the perfect 5-year-old boy date.



Yeah, he might have whiffed on that one.

I felt a twinge of guilt because Em definitely would have had a blast, but Jax would have loved New York, too.  It’s hard to create time alone with each of my kids, but they all deserve it and I love reconnecting and having a chance to really listen to them.  So if that means sometimes one or two of them miss out on something cool, well, I’ll make it up to them.

PicMonkey Collage

 And Jax got two holes in one! I’m glad I wasn’t distracted by anything else and was his biggest cheerleader and buddy.  Days like this are just the best, especially with my favorite little guy.

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Rub-A-Dub-Dub, three babes in a tub, and who do you think they be?



The sister, the brother, and one little other–


Turn them out!  Time to sleep.

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Getting Sappy

This is JDubbs’s second year making his own maple syrup from the maple trees in our yard.  Last year I was either too pregnant or too busy with a newborn to pay much attention to the process.  This year I’m a bit more attentive, if only to capture these Daddy-daughter moments that only Vermont families understand!

IMG_9840 1

Em was helpful throughout the entire process of tapping the trees, and is the first to volunteer when Daddy is heading out to empty the buckets.  Jax is a bossy little scientist, but Em is also a quiet observer of her world.



I love the expression on her face; there is so much wonder to be found around children!

Jax was doing a little bit of learning as well–about gravity.




His expressions are equally priceless, but in more of a Let’s Do It Again! variety.  Another attribute of childhood–being impervious to be exhaustion and freezing cold!

This was day one of the syrup-making process, and it has only just begun to get warm enough during the day for the sap to run.  I will continue to document the process, if only to get more photos of these priceless faces!



Don’t forget the furry one!  He loves being out there romping around in the snow even more than the kids!

Living the Vermont life!

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Paint Chip Reading Fun

I saw a post about using paint chips for literacy over on Babble and I have been waiting to grab some at Home Depot for a while.  Luckily, we’re doing a bedroom makeover so I’ve found myself in various home improvement stores more often than usual lately!

Paint Chip Reading Fun @ Rub Some Dirt On It

All I needed was some paint chips that have several shades of colors on one sheet and some long solid color ones.


You add the ending sound to the solid paint chip, then put a bunch of beginning sounds on the long one (one sound per color).  The kids put them together to form words.

Paint Chip Literacy Fun @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Your reader slides the vertical paint chip through the window you cut in the solid color one, sounding out each new word as she goes.  Em loved the colors; it definitely helped motivate her to participate.  She really liked the sliding aspect of it as well.


Unfortunately I didn’t count on something she loves much more than reading–snipping!  As I’ve said before, Em love to cut, so those beautiful white lines were just calling her name, and it wasn’t long before she had cut all my paint chips to pieces.  Oh, well, just another way to play with her fine motor skills!  At least we could talk about what sounds the letters make as she went along!

Remember to get several long solid paint chips for all your different endings!  We did -at, -an, it-, and -og.  The beginning sounds worked for all the different endings, and sometimes they made silly nonsense words.  That’s half the fun!

Keep reading fun this spring!

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Turning One!

Although we celebrated H’s birthday the weekend before, Em and I still tried to make the morning of her birthday special, mostly just by paying her tons of attention and doing her favorite things.  In this case, playing with Baxter through the stairs’ gate and snuggling Em’s stuffed dog that is normally kept out of reach.



I tried to get Little H to wear the 1st birthday badge I had bought for Em, but she only cooperated for a few minutes.  She still has a thing or two to learn about accessorizing.


And nothing beats a little bouncing on Mommy and Daddy’s bed and some snuggles with big sis.

IMG_9838 IMG_9840

Oh and taking off her socks.  Her absolute favorite pastime is to take off her socks, then tickle her own toes and say “This this”.  That means she wants me to do This Little Piggy over and over again.  On her birthday, I am happy to oblige!


Later that day we had cake one more time, with Jax and Em just as excited to help out with blowing out the candle as before.


IMG_9870 IMG_9872

And now that she had the hang of it, the cake tasted even better than before!


Happy Birthday to Little H, my amazing baby girl.  How we love you so!

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