3 Little Monkeys

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed.


None fell off and bumped their head (thank God).


Mama took some photos of the fun instead!


I still have three crazy monkeys jumping on the bed!


Love these three little monkeys jumping on my bed!


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On Saturday, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I are taking Em to see Clara’s Dream, which is kind of a shortened version of The Nutcracker, put on by the dance company where Em takes ballet.  She and I went last year and it was a heavenly mother/daughter evening.  This year, we are going to the matinee, but we get to attend a special tea beforehand with the dancers!

Em had a chance to meet them before during one of her ballet classes, so she knows what to expect and is really more than excited!


Seeing lovely performances like this are what fuels her desire to stick with ballet week after week, with no sign of lagging or any loss of enthusiasm.  In fact, I’d say she’s really flourishing!
IMG_1452 IMG_1454 IMG_1467 IMG_1463

I’ll be sure to take lots of photos at the tea!  I’m sure she’ll be starstruck to get to meet the Sugar Plum Fairy!  I know it will be another day to remember!

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Dress Up Dance Party

 Little H never liked to dress up.  She’d see adorable bumblebee antennae or a princess crown and go screaming in the other direction–literally.  Hence her Halloween costume was a cozy fox-eared sweatshirt.  But on a random evening in November, when Em was doing her usual princess from head-to-toe routine, Little H became intrigued.  It must have been the shoes.  Shoes are big for the ladies in my house.



Suddenly I had two princesses on my hands, and everyone was so excited, we had to do a happy dance.


It was a glimpse of a life to come, where Em isn’t just babysitting Little H or keeping tabs on her for me.  They’re playing together, having genuine fun together, truly becoming friends.


And if that doesn’t deserve another dance party, I don’t know what does!


Even big brother (or should I say Iron Patriot) couldn’t resist joining in the fun.

Ring Around The Rosie, anyone?


Dressing up and dancing?  I think I’m going to enjoy watching these three play this winter!

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The Fox, The Fairy, And The Ninja

Trick or treat!


How is it that a month has past and I still have not shared photos from this year’s Halloween?  I had one incredibly daunting red dragon ninja, the absolutely perfect Tinkerbell, and a baby fox as my companions (along with JDubbs) and boy, was it sweet.

  1 IMG_0428 IMG_0464 IMG_0447

We started the night off at the local library where they were doing spooky kid stories and snacks with cider.  It didn’t take long to convince Em that even fairies get cold and the long-sleeved shirt Mommy brought along might be an appropriate accessory to her ensemble.

2 IMG_0498

Then they piled into our little red wagon and we cruised the trick-or-treating hot spots.

IMG_0508 IMG_0509 IMG_0517 IMG_0512

Even Little H got in the spirit!


The whole experience lasted about an hour, which is just about all Little H can handle.  In my limited parenting trick-or-treat experience, it was pretty much the perfect night.


 Already looking forward to next year!

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Light Reading

Because it’s never too early for the classics.

IMG_1322 IMG_1325

Hey, there’s a reason Em’s middle name is Jane and I lobbied hard for Little H to be Eliza!  Such is life when your mom is an English teacher on hiatus!  There’s no doubt she’s my girl!

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Handprint Felt Turkeys

On this Thanksgiving that feels a bit tumultuous with travel plans canceled due to the weather, I’m taking a minute to be thankful for my littlest turkey who joined our family less than two years ago.

Handprint Felt Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It


Recreating this craft that I did with Jax and Em four years ago really solidified for me how our family is complete, and how I love continuing traditions with them year after year.  So happy I have three little turkeys around my table every day, and three beautiful handprint felt turkeys to decorate my table every Thanksgiving!

May your day be full of blessings!  Gobble! Gobble!

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Jumping In Leaves, Take 2

The first time this year I tried to coordinate some leaf jumping for my kids, I pretty much blew it.  I’m not known for my physical prowess.  So when we were blessed with another warm autumn day, this time Daddy gave it a go, with more success of course.  While he was hard at work, the girls and I did some leaf investigation, which is a little more my speed.

1 IMG_9756 IMG_9763

Once Daddy finished a much improved leaf pile, the fun really began.

2 IMG_9791 3

With the year’s first snowstorm on its way, I’m missing these warm family afternoons outside.

IMG_9839 IMG_9841

At least with the holiday, the kids will have both Daddy and I on hand to orchestrate more family fun!  The best of both worlds!

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