Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting!

For those of you who are like me and have done a good deal of online shopping this holiday season, here’s a great activity for the kiddos who desperately want to hear the bubble wrap “pop” but aren’t quite coordinated enough to do it well.

bubble wrap stomp painting @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Bust out a piece of paper (for this we used our trusty butcher paper), wrap the kids’ feet in bubble wrap, and coat the bottoms in paint.

bubble wrap painting @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then be sure to remind them that they have to be careful (stomping is much safer than skating), and ready, set, pop!

bubble wrap painting @ Rub Some Dirt On It

They thought this activity was hilarious and asked me to paint their feet again and again.  They wanted to paint every square inch of the butcher paper, and I finally just squirted dollops of paint directly on the paper in order to keep up with their demands.

bubble wrap painting @ Rub Some Dirt On It IMG_2271-2

In the end, I had big plans to cut out some kind of holiday shape out of the mural, like a Christmas tree, but it never came to be.  It was a beautiful work of art all on its own!


A fun way to get the kids moving while stuck inside this winter!

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Easy Christmas Tree Ornament

Hanging out with the girls one morning before school, and things inevitably got a little whiny.  Little H had a cold and Em wanted more attention.  But with a few magic words (“Do you want to do a craft?”), she was back on track and even grumpy Little H couldn’t resist the allure of being allowed to play with a bowl full of colorful buttons.  So we made a very simple (and really pretty!) Christmas Tree ornament, with very little materials required!  I made a couple changes from where I originally found it here, but this is what worked best for us.

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Materials:  Popsicle sticks, glue, buttons, ribbon, paper for a star.  So simple!

I happened to have rainbow-colored Popsicle sticks from when we made our leprechaun trap last St. Patrick’s Day, so no need to paint or color them green.  Just add a little glue and let them set; you may want to add your ribbon in one corner now (maybe in between the sticks?) to give it plenty of time to dry.  I thought of that after the fact and think it would have been a good change.

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then just add buttons!

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Em wanted to make hers in a rainbow pattern, and Little H was happy just to be allowed near the glue.

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

I snapped a plain stick in half, let the girls color them brown for a trunk, then added a paper star and ribbon on top.

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then I did it all over again with Jax when he got home from school.  Now I have three beautiful  Christmas tree ornaments to decorate my home, year after year!

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament @ Rub Some Dirt On It

I’m going to keep them forever!

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Handprint Felt Turkeys

On this Thanksgiving that feels a bit tumultuous with travel plans canceled due to the weather, I’m taking a minute to be thankful for my littlest turkey who joined our family less than two years ago.

Handprint Felt Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It


Recreating this craft that I did with Jax and Em four years ago really solidified for me how our family is complete, and how I love continuing traditions with them year after year.  So happy I have three little turkeys around my table every day, and three beautiful handprint felt turkeys to decorate my table every Thanksgiving!

May your day be full of blessings!  Gobble! Gobble!

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Coffee Filter Watercolor Turkeys

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time for a little Tom Turkey in our lives.  Em had a playdate and she insisted that one of the things she wanted to do was a craft, so we decided to do have one ready and waiting for the girls when her friend arrived.  She chose to make Coffee Filter Turkeys, using watercolors to paint the tail.  Super cute!

I laid out two pieces of construction paper and cut out a turkey body, turkey feet, a beak, and a turkey “snood” (which I just discovered is what that red dangly thing is) for each girl.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

The website where I found this used markers to color in the turkey tail (dipped in water afterward) but Em didn’t want to do that. She loves painting coffee filters with watercolors so she couldn’t pass up an opportunity to do it again.  She had a vision–she wanted to paint her turkey tail in a rainbow.  I love this sweet girl so much.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

After the “tail” dries, glue it onto the construction paper, leaving room for the body and feet.

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then assemble your turkey and add some eyes.  Color some in or add googly ones!

Coffee Filter Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It Coffee Filter Watercolor Turkeys @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then step back and be thankful for easy but adorable crafts like this!

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Scissor Skills Pumpkins

I’ve been looking for a fun Halloween craft that wouldn’t be too messy or labor intensive for my afternoon exhausted big kids.  As usual, Nurture Store had just the thing.  Scissor Skills Pumpkins!

Scissor Skills Pumpkins

I loved these because they are cute and the kids could do them in the living room with no real mess or fuss.  While they were watching TV I made dotted lines down orange paper to help Jax and Em cut the paper into strips.  Then I asked them to cut down the dotted lines (dotted so they were less likely to show up with any inevitable errors in the cutting).  Em gave this project her full attention; Jax did not.  Typical.

Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Hence Jax’s strips are a little…shall we say…asymmetrical.  And this was after I helped clean them up a bit.  Again I say, typical Jax.

Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then you take all your strips and put them in a star shape with the help of a brass brad to hold them together.  Then you cut out a little green stem out of green paper and have your little helpers curve the strips to create a spherical shape pumpkin.  Secure the top with another brad.  Make sure the paper stem is on top.

Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Finally, let your kids make jack-o-lantern faces and voila!  A festive decoration that they didn’t even realize was helping improve their fine motor skills.  And cooperation skills, too, because this was definitely a group effort.

Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It Scissor Skills Pumpkins @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Well done, my little pumpkins!

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Button & Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars

button & pipe cleaner caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

This was one of those activities for when Em chooses the absolutely worst moment–when I’m changing a poopy diaper, in the midst of a mountain of laundry, trying to work some culinary magic out of leftovers–to ask me to do a craft.  I always feel badly when I tell her I’m too busy, especially since she’s four and with very little preparation can do the rest herself.  So I set her down a bowl of buttons and a pipe cleaner and asked her to string them.  I turned one end up at a right angle so she wouldn’t keep pushing them all the way off.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

If I had been helping her with this, I would have discussed things like color, size, and pattern with her.  That wasn’t in the cards for this day, so the only adjustment I made was asking her to put a larger button on the end for a face.

So before you get to your very last button, cut a small piece of pipe cleaner off and twist it into a V shape for antennae.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

When you add the final button, loop the pipe cleaner back through for a nose, if you will.

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Then add some googly eyes and you have a pocket-sized pet!

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Button Caterpillar @ Rub Some Dirt On It

And if you can, don’t forget to do one of my awesome butterfly crafts next!  Such a fun way for your little to keep busy and do some crafts on their own!

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Handprint Butterfly (For Two!)

So when big cousins are here visiting for a week, inevitably at times the clan gets divided by interest or by gender just because that’s the nature of having a group of five kids ages 1-14.  One afternoon Jax was determined to “teach” his big cousin Christian how to play the Wii, so the ladies and I headed outside on the deck for a little arts and crafts leisure time.  Erika picked out a craft she’d like to try on Pinterest, and we put our own twist on it by making one handprint butterfly with two sets of hands: Erika’s hands were the big wings, and Em’s hands made the little ones.

handprint butterfly @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Came out pretty cute, huh?

So first I painted Em’s hands the colors of her choice, and then she placed them thumb to thumb to form the lower wings of a butterfly.


Then I let Em paint Erika’s hands.  I think that was her favorite part!


handprint butterflies @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Little H didn’t know what was going on but I gave her a paintbrush and dry watercolors and she “painted” alongside us.  And yes, in case you’re wondering, I am the kind of mom who lets her kids paint in white dresses.  Doesn’t everyone?

Then we pressed Erika’s hands atop Em’s, turned the other way to be the upper portion of the wings, and then painted a butterfly body and antennae.


After much discussion, we decided against outlining the wings in marker as I was going to do and settled for a sweet smiley face when the paint was dry instead.


This was the perfect gift for Grandma (who snatched it right up the moment my niece showed it to her), or for Mom made by two siblings or for a child and her best friend!  Nothing better than a piece of art that shows how two people lift each other up in life and in love!  Art with a loving message.

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