Do you remember what it felt like as a child to find wonder in even the most commonplace things?  How no matter how many doors you had to open on your Advent calendar, every day was as exciting as the last?  How finding the minute differences between your Christmas tree, and your grandparents’ tree, and your best friend’s tree, was a study worthy of great introspection?  Do you remember that amazing joy in all things wondrous and magical, and how you just believed?

IMG_7993 IMG_7998

IMG_8002 IMG_8000 Yeah, I don’t remember either.  But having children has reminded me.

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Big Bathtub Babies

Speaking of So Big, take a look at my big girl in her ducky tub, which she has since outgrown.



We have been fans of this style of ducky tub for both Jax and Em and as I was looking at these pictures of H, I couldn’t resist going back to look at my other two chunky babies in all their early bathtub independent glory.

bathtub babies

Oh that just made me smile!!  I can’t believe how similar Jax and Baby H look!  Em is so much more fair than the other two (and isn’t it funny to see her dot again?) and she has her own look.  I am so intrigued to see who H resembles as she grows!  Love these bathtub babies!

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Mommy’s Not Ready

Someone turned ten months this week.  10 months!  That is not possible.


10 months is frighteningly close to 12 months, as in one year old.  I have a five year old, a three year old, and a baby.  I don’t know how I am going to feel when it goes 5-3-1.  Or soon thereafter, 5-4-1!  My middle girl turning four, my baby turning one??  No more baby in the house?  My mommy heart is squeezing, and not in a good way.



Not ready, not ready, not ready…



Oh, H, my beautiful littlest baby girl.  This summer you will be laughing and running to keep up with your brother and sister, drinking out of a juicebox and sliding down slides.  With every day that passes, I look forward to winter being over, but that means another day closer to losing your babyhood and embracing that you are so big.


So Big!

Mommy’s not ready.  Let’s hibernate just a little bit longer as a family of 5, 3, and a baby, okay?

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Not Quite

Looks like what big sister is thinking and what little sister is thinking are not quite the same thing.


E:  She loves me!

H: Help…

One day they’ll be on the same page.  Until then, what big sister doesn’t know won’t hurt her!

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8 Months Old!

Someone is 8 months old!


You’ve grown so much; you make our days so happy with your smiles.


What a joy you are.

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Food, Sleep, & All That Jazz

 It’s about time I updated how things have changed in the world of Baby H.  Not such a baby lately, she’s growing faster than I would like.  Must be her ardent desire to do anything and be anywhere Jax and Em are.  This little one is soaking in life, and I bet will be crawling by the time she turns 8 months!


She seems to have eschewed baby food altogether; whereas Jax and Em ate jarred food until I deemed it inappropriate (well into their second year), JDubbs and I are hard-pressed to get H to finish even a tiny stage one jar of pureed bananas.  She eats it for a minute and then seems to say, Hey, I’ve heard of bananas, and they’re big and yellow and tasty.  This yellow soup’s got nothing on the real deal.  Give me a banana! and she will fuss and whine until you give her something real.  None of this jar crap.

Oh, and she can’t get enough of finger food.  If you’re eating something and she’s not, she fully expects you to rip off bits of it and place them on her tray where she will serve herself, thank you very much.  She opens and shuts her mouth very obviously until she gets her way!


Her need for independence does not seem to apply to yogurt; she will allow us to spoon-feed her yogurt, but only if she has a spoon as well!  Otherwise she feels no need for me to help her eat, which actually makes things a bit easier since I have two other more demanding and whinier mouths to feed.

She is also sleeping at night in her crib, although she still naps in her Rock ‘n Play.  I am going to be really sad when she outstrips the weight limit (probably very soon) or can pull herself out of it.  Buckle her seatbelt, you say?  Yeah, you risk clipping in a baby who has grown four teeth in the past month, and whose sleep schedule is all screwed up due to daylight savings time.  I’ll take my chances and skulk out of her room like waking her is worth more than my life.  Because it is, not matter how darn cute she is.  Mama is tired!


My Baby H, where is the time going?  You are flying through these milestones and doing it all with a sweet smile. You wave to anyone who walks in the room or neighbors in a restaurant.  You travel well, you love your bath; basically, you are as sweet as can be and we love you so.  I can’t believe how fast you are growing!

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My Heart, My Joy

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~ Elizabeth Stone

1 2

The decision to make Em a big sister was one of the greatest and most monumental of my life.  There is nothing in the world that gives me greater pleasure than watching the girls together.  Em lives and breathes to make her sister smile.  She teaches her and loves her without prompting or encouragement.  Nothing and no one makes H smile as well as Em.


I am so grateful that we were able to give them the gift of each other.  There is truly nothing like a sibling, especially a sister, and my heart squeezes to see them together.  A joy past joy.

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