Why I Blog

Why do I blog?
It’s a question I’ve been asked, been pondering, been mulling over, been justifying quite a bit lately.  As I try to shape this space into something that people enjoy and can relate to, yet is still uniquely mine, I have to make choices and try to be interesting.  Try to engage, persuade, entertain, inform.  I blog to connect with the millions of people out there like me, who may or may not like me, but understand where I’m coming from.  To reconnect with people I’d lost touch with.  To stay connected with people I value and who live too damn far away.  To validate who I am and that I still have a brain.  To remind others I exist as a person, not just a mom, with interests and hobbies and goals.  To keep me honest and make me a better mom, because you’re watching.  To show off my kids and my photos, of course.  To stay close with family who also live to damn far away.  To keep J and E on your mind.
My blog is a reflection of who I am, but more of a persona.  It’s not all of me or all of my kids.  It’s who I allow you to see, and it’s not always the bright and shiny parts.  I did tell you that my kid peed in public, remember?  And that I was snubbed by mean moms at the playground.  I do like to brag about my kids and often I just want to show you a beautiful picture that I love.  I like to tell funny stories and embarrass myself every now and then, too.  I like to make people laugh and feel less alone.  I like to laugh and feel less alone.
And the best part is, it works.  All of those things happen on a daily basis and they are all true.  I have connected with people I don’t even know, who don’t know me and they don’t know my kids (although they wish they do).  Why is that not creepy?  Because it’s a community, a group of people who love the same things and are sharing a common experience.  Who bring me happiness by sharing a slice of theirs.  Who inspire me with the photographs.  Who make me weep with their honesty.
Like Zakary.  I just started reading her blog “Raising Colorado,” and I suggest you do the same.  Not only for her photos and her stories and her honesty, although all amazing, but because she’s a genuinely cool person.  And I know that for a fact.  Want to know how?
She recently made a random post about finding really cool note cards at Michael’s for a dollar.  She posted it because it made her happy.  It made me happy just looking at them, and jealous because I have no idea where the nearest Michael’s is.  I love note cards.  I love pink.  Her post is something I would have done, so I commented and told her what I just said.  Just to let her know that someone out in the world knew what she meant.  And you know what she did?  She emailed me, got my address, and look what came in the mail today:
My own little slice of happiness, straight from Colorado.  From someone I have never met.  Whose blog I have only commented on once.  People just don’t act that way anymore.
I told you it was a community.  I’m so happy that I chose to be a part of it.  And now I have awesome note cards, a great blog to follow, something to write about, and was pleasantly reminded about how cool people can be.  That’s why I blog.  Maybe you should, too.
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Rub Some Dirt On It!

Today is the day!  The long-awaited day when BIG changes come to the blog.  You have probably noticed them already.
1.  New title!  Rub Some Dirt On It.  For the sake of our privacy, I had to move on from our catchy old title.  Where did the new one come from?  Well, I can’t pretend to have thought of it all on my own.  After brainstorming with my Mommy Network for several days, we narrowed it down to something that sounds Mommy-ish but isn’t completely lame.  Something that says, “I am a mother of small children” without saying it outright.  Suddenly, it hit me.  “Rub some dirt on it!”  That is a favorite line, initiated by my dear friend Katie, of my friends when our toddlers inevitably fall down or bump their heads.  They still get a kiss or a band-aid, but inevitably they need to toughen up a little bit.  Growing up is hard work, on the kids and the mommies!  Sometimes a kiss is required, but sometimes we can dust ourselves off and just give it a rub and all is well.  Childhood is like that; parenthood is like that.  Eventually all kids are brave enough to go out into the world on their own.  They don’t always need Mommy right there in order to survive.  Just knowing Mommy is there if necessary will one day be good enough.  They may just have to rub some dirt on a hurt and learn to cope on their own.  Mommies, too.
2.  New layout.  Trying to be cleaner and more minimal.  Still have the Project 365 going, still located under the header.  Our bios have moved up there as well.  Speaking of which, I hope the gigantic header is gone and this one  loads a little faster for you.  Please let me know if that is not the case!
3.  The header.  Okay.  I know you all loved Em as the little reindeer, but the holiday season is over and we have to move on.  I know it’s sad because she really is the cutest thing.  I will continue to change the pictures as I take some that fit the title.  Also, I know it doesn’t stretch across the entire blog, but when I do that, I’m back to the gigantic header and the image isn’t as great.  What do you think?  Should I stretch it out, make it smaller, or leave it as is?  Please give me some feedback!
4.  Your bookmark.  If you have bookmarked this page, you do NOT have to change it.  The website itself hasn’t changed.  Just the appearance.5.  If you have a blog and I am listed as one of the blogs you follow, please take a second and change the name for me on your site (you don’t have to on your dashboard).  I don’t want people to be confused when clicking your site and arriving at another one with a completely different name!

Thank you for supporting me during all this.  The blog is still the same blog. Still me, doing what I love to do.  Blogging.  Writing.  Taking and editing photos.  Complaining.  Loving.  Living.  I hope you still want to come along for the ride with us, even if it’s in a slightly new vehicle!  Hopefully we wind up somewhere very cool together.  Like Sunset Cliffs at Sunset.  Cool like that.
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