A Springtime Thaw, In Cell Phone Photos

Ah, the transition from winter to spring, from snow to grass, from cold to warmth, from darkness to light.  After a Vermont winter, there is nothing more delightful than glorious spring, and around here there is more changing than just the plants.  Don’t forget my two big kids, who have nearly completed the transition from kindergartener and first-grader to the first and second grades. Our lives have changed since the days have gotten longer, and whether it’s the end of diapers, the end of homework, the end of our first year with two in school–our last with me at home full time–I am more aware than ever how blessed we are with the small, everyday things.

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage All these green grass and blue sky photos make my heart so happy.  I feel like I am coming out of my winter slumber as well!  Four more days of school and then a summer to remember is just around the corner, I just know it!

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Winter Cell Phone Photo Dump

As the winter fades, so do these bright memories of quiet, indoor life together as a family.  That’s my favorite part of winter–the togetherness.  Soon, their excitement to spring out the screen door to explore the woods in the sunshine will outlast any tantalizing treat I could conjure indoors, and why would I try?  They’re growing, exuberant, vibrant, and can’t wait to have room to stretch and run and flourish outdoors.  Spring is here, and the quiet peace that comes with winter is fading fast.

94 95 96 97

I hardly ever remember it while it’s happening, but there is a reason the Earth has a quiet season…to survive, to contemplate, and appreciate.  That’s what the winter is for me.  To huddle close, savor, and remember that every season is dear.  The quiet moments are just as important as the loud ones.  Grateful for our quiet season, but looking forward to see it go!

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Ho-Hum Housekeeping & A Cell Phone Dump

January is creeping to an end and as I consider if I have anything blog-worthy to share, I get a mental shrug in reply.  Of course we are busy–the kids began rec basketball, Emmy  is flourishing in Ballet I, Hannah is taking a sweet little clay class–but nothing worth devoting to cyber paper.  Actually, I have set each of the big kids up with a blog, which has been incredibly fascinating to watch as both a blogger and a mother, but those are not for public consumption so even though they are entertaining us all, we will keep that to ourselves.  Emmy’s is dedicated to her artwork and she bravely shared it with her class yesterday.  Jackson’s is just his musings, all in writing, very much like his mother. So all is well but still ho-hum, yet another cold and wintry month in Vermont.

So…yeah…that’s about it.  How about some cell phone pictures to keep this post from being utterly boring?

91 92

Looking forward to spicing things up in February, but appreciating this quiet, cozy January all the same.

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Farewell, 2015! Cell Phone Photo Dump

Oh, what a year! Looking at these photos, the summer seems so long ago, but I’m so very grateful every day that my phone can be handy to document the small moments that make my life so rich.

85 86 83 84 87 88 89 90

As this week wraps up and we look forward to celebrating our eighth(!) Christmas as parents, I am aware more than ever that our greatest gifts are three healthy and wonderful children, our home, and the ability to provide them with a really remarkable holiday season. Here’s hoping I have as many small and special moments to share in the new year!

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Back From Paradise

Since we have been home less than 24 hours, my brain is still a bit on vacation, and thus all I can muster this morning is a smorgasbord of cell phone images of our wonderful week in Maine.  With my thankful heart, I say, Enjoy!

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collage

Every day was as amazing and memorable as the one before, from beginning to end.


So sad it’s over–already dreaming of going back!

Photo Aug 16, 9 44 46 AM

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Super Cell Phone Dump!

My goodness, it’s been a long time since I have purged my poor cell phone of its memorabilia of our spring and early summer!  We have transitioned from snowy fields to flowery meadows to green hills and sparkling lakes, and now that I’m doing my 365 project where I take a photo every day, I’m taking more photos than ever!  At least now I’m trying to do so with a real sense of purpose: capturing life at home with three amazing, sometimes challenging, always loving kids.  What more can I say other than, sit back and enjoy!  There are a LOT of images to appreciate!

69 70 71 72 73 74 7576
798081 82 77

How lucky are we to live this glorious life? How lucky am I to be able to stay home and appreciate it every day?

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Waning Winter Cell Phone Dump

Lots of time spent inside, lots of snowy days, lots of quiet moments and lots of cherished family connections fill this cell phone photo dump.  Lots of extra pajama time and lots of sweet sleeping babies.  This winter was wonderful, but I’m glad that it’s gone!  Love these kids, love these moments, love this precious life.

65 66 67 68

Welcome, spring, and a whole new season of photos, with glorious longer days!

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