Farewell 2014 Photo Dump

It’s time to say goodbye to all of these delightful little moments that clutter up my phone from 2014: Jax mastering his fine motor skills with Legos, chess, and starting to love the funny pages, Em and all her girlie glory, and Little H who is not far from turning two and she is letting us know she is growing up!  We had a fantastic year and look forward to many more amazing memories, capturing the happiness that abounds big and small.  Still incredibly grateful to be spending my days with these three, having them be such good friends, and loving the life we lead.

60 61 62 63 64

Now it’s time for 2015 to step up its game!  It has brought us nothing but germs!  I’m ready for a fresh start to this year, starting now!  Amazing new memories and lots of laughs, here we come!

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Cell Phone Photo Dump

Life is busy up here in Vermont, with the warm weather fading and school firing up.  Looking at these photos made me realize how much more time I spend daily with the girls than with Jax, and I’m going to make an effort to make special mama/Jax time from now on.  But I won’t begrudge myself time with these two special ladies!

Loving all the little details of our lives.


55 56 57 58 59

Excited to see what the cold weather will hold for all of us!

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A Great Photo Of A Great Daddy

Have I ever mentioned that JDubbs is the greatest dad ever?  Well, he is, but he’s extra amazing because he makes time for each of our kids individually every day.  It starts when Em creeps in our bed for snuggles way before we’re ready to wake up almost every morning, how he makes breakfast for the three of them, takes Jax to school every day, does baths every night and splits bedtime duties, putting Little H to sleep while I bathe the big kids, then coming in to finish reading them stories, and takes Jax and Little H to soccer on Saturdays while I take Em to ballet, just to name a few.  And then, when it feels like she needs it (like on this day), he cuts out during lunch to take Em to school or for a special lunch with just Daddy.  He’s a good one.


We all know it.  I think it shows.

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Cell Phone Photo Dump: Summer Style

I look at these photos and for some of them I think, Man, was that only just a month ago? and others I feel like were yesterday.  Spending this morning marveling at the glories of the world we live in and grateful that my kids help me slow down enough to take it all in.  Every place has its own beauty–ours just happens to be right at our fingertips.

50 51 52 53

Remember to savor every droplet of sunshine!  I hate to say it but our days of all this outdoor happiness are numbered!  Fall is coming!

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Sunny Cell Phone Photos

We’re still on vacation in Maine, but these cell phone photos are too fun to miss!  I can’t help but share all this sunny happiness!


Off to have some more fun in the sun!

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Cell Phone Photo Dump: Spring Fever!

A quick glimpse into our lives this spring, wrapping up the school year and our other activities, and spending as much possible time outside as we can!  Little H is growing so quickly, no longer content to just sit and watch big brother and sister do their thing–she wants in on the action, and there is plenty of it!

45 46 47 48 49

Our days are greener, sunnier, and more playful–my favorite kind!  Enjoying all life has to offer up here in Vermont!

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Saying Farewell to Winter In Cell Phone Photos

Since my last cell phone photo purge, winter turned to spring, the baby turned one and she has been growing (and sleeping) like crazy.  She’s smiling, talking, cruising, and generally making us laugh and more thankful than ever that she’s here.


Em wrapped up ballet and I am still so happy that she spent the last year home with me and Little H.  I will count it as one of our best parenting decisions thus far.  Plus I got to spend all of these fantastic moments with my little ballerina as she grew into her own.  Again I say, best decision ever.


The big kids have been tearing it up outside, so glad to be out of those winter coats and in the sunshine!  Those last few weeks of snow were long, but now I can look back on them fondly as if we were in a little bubble, before the baby would walk, before Jax was in school full time.  Probably one of my favorite winters of my life.

43 44

Welcome spring!  We’re ready for you!

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