I Want To Remember…

I want to remember how she asks for Band-Aids pretty much every day.  Several times a day.  She says she “needs a check-up” and then discusses which kind of Band-Aid she will choose: Cars, Hello Kitty, or Doc McStuffins.  She rotates pretty well.


She also really loves to brush her teeth.  She asks to do it every time she walks by the bathroom.  She stands on a stool and has to reach all the way on her tippy toes to reach the water.  Her brother doesn’t even need a stool anymore; I don’t want to forget these baby steps.


My baby and her baby steps.

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Tooth Fairy

It’s official.  The door to the magical world of fairies has been unlocked, and with it went not one but two of Jax’s baby teeth.


Em invited a couple of friends to the local pool for a mermaid birthday celebration, and of course Jax was invited to come along.  While he was there, he banged his mouth against the side of the pool and POP!  Out came one of the two very wiggly bottom teeth that he has been working on for weeks!


That night we put his baby tooth in the special tooth fairy pillow we ordered from Etsy, and when he woke up, there was a silver dollar in its place! Such a special treat from our thoughtful Tooth Fairy.


And wouldn’t you know it, the next morning the other one fell out as well!  Two visits from the Tooth Fairy in two nights!  Jax is pretty certain he is the luckiest kid on the planet.


I think he’s right!

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Happy Birthday, Hannah Felicity!

Nothing sappy in this post (I wrote that one already).  Just a sweet remembrance of how Hannah spent her second birthday, with balloons, pancakes, jumping on the bed, balloons, friends, Paw Patrol, pizza, and more balloons.  A perfect day for my girl.

My favorite part of the day was when she came downstairs and saw all the paper lantern “balloons” hanging from the ceiling.  She gasped and whispered, “Awesome….”  Where did she even learn that!?


Daddy had a business meeting that night so we opened gifts in the morning.  The big kids were happy to help with that.

IMG_6492 IMG_6513

Nothing too fancy–coloring books, a board game, a small toy and some books.  Then of course Daddy’s signature birthday pancakes!


Later that morning I put her in her cute little cupcake romper and took some I’m Two! photos in my bedroom.  Still way too much snow and mud to take photos outside.  She didn’t care; she loves climbing on mama’s bed!

IMG_6524 1 IMG_6558 IMG_6563 IMG_6573

Then we ran some errands, had a Panera snack and I bought her the greatest balloon ever, which I thought was indestructible.  Balloons make her crazy happy.


But then it popped when we went to pick the big kids up at school.  I let her carry it around and she was so happy everyone was wishing her happy birthday.  We went outside and it popped on a stray tree branch.  I was so worried she’d be devastated, but she knew we were going to Pizza Chef to celebrate.  She kept saying, “Balloon pop.  Mr. Nick fix it.”  She sure has faith in our friends!

Even though Mr. Nick could not “fix it,” he did give her a new balloon and Auntie Jenny pulled out the big guns with the best balloon gift of all time!  Hot diggity dog!


It was the perfect day for our little girl, no longer a baby.  I loved making it special just for her.

Happy Birthday sweet Hannah!

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Two Too Soon

I have no words.  My baby is two today.


I am too sentimental right now to write anything more than overflowing emotional cliches.  I just want to look at her and marvel that it has been two years that she has been mine, ours, and be grateful we are lucky enough to have her.


She loves balloons, Paw Patrol, playing with her brother and sister, playing on the mountain outside of school with her friends (“Bye, friends!”), Word World, her Binkie and two blankies, strawberries, snuggling, reading, and all of her family.


Her first haircut is looming–we need to take care of her mullet–and we’ll start potty training as soon as it’s warm.  When she came downstairs this morning and saw her decorations, the first thing she said was, “Awesome!”  Where did my baby go?


Growing up is bittersweet, but watching you learn and grow has been a joy.  We love you so much, Little H.  Happiest of birthdays to my baby girl!

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Sniff Sniff Sniffing

One of those amazing things about photography is how, ten years from now, I hope that I can look at these photos and remember Little H and her oh-so-strange sleepy habits.  She is 100% a Blankie sniffer. Whenever I wash it, she sniffs it as soon as it comes out of the dryer, giving it her olfactory seal of approval.  That is funny enough, but nothing compares to when she is sleepy.  When she gets tired, Blankie goes right up to her nose and she sniff sniff sniffs nonstop.

IMG_5727-2 IMG_5741-2

She does a weird humming thing, too, like, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” all the while sniff sniff sniffing.


When she is really, really tired, she will often take the corner and run it between her fingers, or even sometimes rub it against her eye.  Like her eyeball.  I have no photos of that because I think it is super gross.  I will just remember it fondly through my words, not my images.

She is one sweet little baby, who just so happens to turn two tomorrow.

IMG_5738-2 IMG_5742-3

I never ever want to forget anything about Little H that makes her adorably her.  I love you, little Blankie Sniffer.

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A Typical Day

A typical day starts with one quick show in the morning so Mommy can have 22 minutes to shower/get dressed/eat in peace.  We don’t always use fancy chairs but I’m open to anything that gets me an extra minute or two.


Then, on a typical day when Jax is home from school, the kids play together nicely for a while, but then there is inevitably bickering and disagreements about who gets to play with which Paw Patrol pup and whose turn it is to go first in a board game.  So after a while they go their separate ways.

Jax will usually do something Lego-related: building or playing with his creations, or reading the Lego Club magazine that comes in the mail (or the back copies we sometimes “borrow” from the library).  He becomes very entranced.

IMG_5547 IMG_5551 IMG_5555

He’s stuck somewhere between big and little.  I think seven is the breaking point to being a “kid,” not so much the baby or toddler or preschooler I remember at all.  I savor his simple innocence, whenever I can.  I know he’ll be so much bigger too soon.

Little H is very into her play kitchen and tea parties, complete with cloth napkins and place mats.  She’s not too picky about her companions, and is very content with a good cup of tea.

IMG_5570 1 IMG_5583

And Em undoubtedly will try to stay in her pajamas for as long as possible.


And then do something creative, like coloring, cutting, hole punching, stamping.  She is a fine motor phenomenon, my girl.




And sassy, too!

So, typically, I have it pretty good. Yes, sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out or cry or take a nap, but on the whole, they’re really great kids.  No one else I’d rather be snowed in with than them!

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Boyhood In Black & White

I’m pretty sure I have photos like this of Jax since before he was one; nimble fingers diligently working to create the expansive world tucked inside his imagination.

IMG_5847 IMG_5852

It’s been a while since he was fully engaged with our train set (which was his 15-year-old cousin’s before him).  Lately Little H has taken to playing with them and I think it sparked his inner two-year-old.

IMG_5853 IMG_5854

I was so glad to hear that he still narrates his play out loud.  Lately he has been playing a lot with Legos, which don’t necessarily require narration.  When do kids stop doing dialogue out loud?  The day I lose the soundtrack to his boyhood is going to be heartbreaking indeed.

IMG_5858 1

Cherishing the simple pleasure of being around him, in all his boyish glory.

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