Artists’ Perspectives

I so love an opportunity to let my kids engage in art, and one of my favorite spots to get elbow-deep is the local AVA Gallery. We’ve been to their children’s open studio many times, but it never fails to thrill my artistic (photographic) sensibilities–with its lovely light and pops of color–and my kids’ inner artists.  It’s an opportunity for them to express their artistic perspective, and for me to get various (photographic) perspectives of them.

IMG_3922 IMG_3923

Little H, who had never been to AVA before, was very excited to have her very own easel, her very own palette, and choose whichever colors she likes no matter what her sister says.  She did ask Em to help her draw a picture of Daddy, but the artists’ rendition of said man of her life was all her own.

Having her sitting still, intent and focused, was a brilliant moment for the photographer in me, as it was with her brother and sister before her.  She put her perspective down on paper and I caught my various perspectives on film.

IMG_3900 IMG_3905 IMG_3906 IMG_3908 IMG_3910

Big sister, meanwhile, was incredibly focused (and wearing a crown).  In the car on the way to the gallery she informed me that she wanted to paint a picture of mermaids, and from the moment we arrived, she got to work.  First, she made an outline with a pencil.


Then she got painting.  First fine details, then the deep blue sea.  From whether to include eyelashes to panic when her bellybuttons dripped, Em had her vision and worked incredibly diligently until it was realized.

IMG_3912 IMG_3924

I was, and am, incredibly impressed and proud of her.  Her brother can sit and read for hours.  For her, art is her modus operandi; it’s how she sees the world, how she interprets it, and how she makes it more beautiful.


Pretty damn good for a five-year-old!


To get to know this little girl, to provide her an opportunity to share her perspective on the world, the key is and undoubtedly will be artistic expression.  She will color my life with her intent and wonder.  With potential like this, I’m counting on it.

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