Practice Makes Perfect

When someone hires me to take their photos, one of the first things I ask them to do is to create a board on Pinterest where they can pin images that they love or inspire them, or in some cases, that they want to replicate.  One shot that I am often asked to try is a black and white shot of siblings upside down from each other, either sweetly snuggling or maybe the older sibling giving the younger a kiss.  Since this one isn’t necessarily in my repertoire, I figured I’d give it a try before a recent newborn shoot to practice.

I put a soft, neutral blanket down, camera settings correct, bribed the big kids and prayed to the photography gods that Little H would be intrigued enough to just lay still.  Here’s what I got:

IMG_0147 IMG_0148 IMG_0150 IMG_0151

Please note not only how much the photos are neither sweet nor serene, but how the blanket became a wrinkly disaster as Little H rolled over her siblings’ faces to get the hell out of there.  After these (hilarious) and failed attempts, I excused H from her duties and just tried it with Jax and Em.



The last one is the most similar to what my clients usually have in mind, although I like the second to last best myself.

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A Faux Photo Shoot

I booked a photo shoot in February at an indoor location I had never used before, so of course I wanted to scope out the light at that time of day with my camera (and my girls).  As luck would have it, the light was lovely and so were they.


I always lean toward high contrast black and white when capturing a “moment” rather than a portrait.  Black and white says timeless, and these moments between Em and H will always make me smile as it encapsulates their budding friendship and happiness together.  Quintessential sisters.

PicMonkey Collage

I also like black and white for a straight on portrait every now and then, too.  Especially backlit.



There’s always room for color, too, especially with Em’s coloring.  I truly do not know where this little beauty came from, but I am so glad not just that she’s mine, but that she is such a willing little model.  Call it photographic selfishness.


For moments like this.


When she takes my breath away!

Quite a photo shoot, for a casual winter’s morning.

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Littlest Princess

I finally got my laptop back, and the first order of business was most certainly finishing editing this photo shoot of my little princess, Hannah.  I have been dying to get my hands on these!

 Doing my own newborn photo shoot was much harder than I anticipated–I was sweating and frustrated trying to be both parent and photographer.  Finally I just enlisted JDubbs’s help and suddenly everything seemed to fall into place.

She’s already so different; her face has changed a bit, she’s gotten longer and more aware.  I am so glad I captured her–our last and littlest princess–before she was more baby than newborn.

The cradle was her Auntie Jenny’s doll cradle when she was little, and this blanket was made by Hannah’s great great grandmother.  Emmy used it at her baptism and I was so happy to have a chance to use it once more.

Oh, sweet baby girl, don’t grow up too fast!

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Let Your Heart Be Light

On this year more than any other before, I am so very grateful for the love of family and friends around me, and for the presence of God and his love in our lives.  We will be busy celebrating, making memories, and holding each other close, but I won’t forget to stop and appreciate the many, many blessings that surround me. especially these two.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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Spending Time

I had a chance over the Thanksgiving holiday to spend time with my nephew Tommy and newest niece Stella May, and of course, snap a photo or two of these little loves.  Tommy has never really let me capture his sweetness before–he usually gives me his serious face–but on this day he was especially dear.

Or maybe he was happy to have a moment alone with me, without his little sister!  A quiet moment of happiness.

And speaking of Stella…

…oh, my.  What a doll!

It was delightful.

We spent a lovely afternoon together, and sweet Stella was ready for her close-up.  Can’t wait to get my hands on her at Christmas!

I love being with family at the holidays.  Don’t you?

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Jax Is Four

Until very recently, I have thought that four was the greatest age since one–none of the drama or chaos of two or three years old, just great communication, a touch of logic, fun, and sweetness.  Very recently there has been a lot of stubbornness, “resistance” as his preschool teacher called it, and a quickness to anger if he doesn’t get his way that I have not found very attractive.  However, we have been away for a week, staying at grandparents’ houses, celebrating holidays and having visitors, and traveling quite a bit.  I will chalk this change of attitude up to a post-Thanksgiving hangover and hope that things return to normal soon as we resume our routine.  Until then, I will share these photos I took of Jax about a month ago to commemorate him turning four, and rejoice in his smiles and laughter rather than focus on my own frustration.

So here is my gorgeous little boy, four years old, rocking his spider BOGS, stomping through the woods on the last warm afternoon of fall.  A special boy and a wonderful spirit–we love him more than words can say.

I love this face.  I can’t even put into words what it signifies–I just know that I see it a hundred times a day.  It’s a new one, usually when he’s about to say something grown up and funny that starts with, “Well,…”  I love it.

We have been blessed to have him in our lives for over four years, and I am indescribably grateful for every second of it.   My only boy, my firstborn, my sweet buddy.  We love you.

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An Exhibition

Guess where I’ll be tonight!

The photography class I’ve been participating in has its showing tonight!  As you can read above, its an exhibition of our photos that we’ve taken to chronicle our experience during Hurricane Irene.  You can check out a few of the photos I took for our weekly assignments here and here, and here’s one more I like a lot.

  You can see some of my photos from right after the storm here and here are a few of the more recent photos from the storm since then:

So if you live locally, take some time in the next two weeks to stop by The Artistree Gallery in Woodstock, Vermont to see my first public exhibition of my photography!  My parents are coming up for the big opening night tonight and my sister and her boyfriend will be here tomorrow (although I think for her Christmas present; not the photos).  The artist herself will return on Monday!  Have a great weekend!

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