6:15 Stream Of Consciousness

6:15 on a school night and Mommy and Daddy really just want you kids in bed but oh crap they are really filthy okay let’s just put them in the tub together we won’t even wash Em’s hair here are your toothbrushes no don’t spit on each other that’s it you’re out

IMG_6357 IMG_6359 IMG_6370 IMG_6374    IMG_6379 IMG_6398

just sit quietly while we get your brother and sister dressed please don’t pee on the floor yes you can wear the purple ones have you seen her binkie yes I know we have to get rid of it soon but not tonight let’s just get out of here


nope sorry just one story tonight okay yes I will leave the bathroom light on no you may not get another book lights out in ten minutes yes ten okay sweet dreams I love you goodnight

…lights out!…

goodnight.  yes we love you, too.  goodnight.

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Bouncing Around The Room

Sometimes you just have to let them be crazy.


Because they’re going to do it anyway.  You may as well join in!


Parenting Survival 101.

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So Silly

This guy thinks he is sooooo funny.


Actually, he is.


He makes up nonsense words with our foam letters in the bathtub, and let’s just say, watching him pronounce them is worth the price of admission.

IMG_9993 IMG_0008

Since he started this game, bathtub struggles seem to be lessening, with the only problems being who will make up a ridiculous word next, and the fact Mommy has to stop laughing and taking their photographs long enough to actually get their butts out of the bath!

IMG_9992   IMG_0012

The most joyful and best things in this life are truly the simplest.  Don’t forget to relish the hilarity in the everyday!

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Having so much fun, playing with my Legos, la la la.


Wait, what’s that?


Intruders!  Dang it!  They’re out to get my Legos!

(cue sisters innocently and obliviously playing with their own Legos)

IMG_4835 IMG_4837

Sister intruders!  They are the worst!  Known to wreak havoc on any unsuspecting Lego, no matter how intricate.  None of my creations will be safe with them around!

I will keep you safe, precious Legos.  I take an oath to guard you against any interloper.  


And I always keep my word.

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Joy Of Summer

Summers are meant to be joyful and sun-tanned, with Popsicle juice dripping down your chin.


Staying cool in kiddie pools and the contrast between a hot, hot day and frigid water right out of the hose.

IMG_5008 IMG_5009

When kids can be kids, who are struggling between wanting to be big and growing up while still being small.


It’s tough being a kid, but it’s not often a problem arises that the joys of summer can’t fix!

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An Invasion

Ahhh, this is the life.  Reclining in my laundry basket with a good book.



Hey, who’s that? Aw, man…


Come on, Em!  Can’t you play somewhere else?  Here, take this scarf.




Let me out of here!


Don’t patronize me, Em.  Here’s what I think of your “pat pat.”


I don’t want your kisses!  Here, I’ll pretend to scratch my nose, but really I’m…


All right, Em.  Come on in and stay awhile.  


I guess you’re not too bad after all.

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Heroes In A Half Shell

Having grown up a kid in the 80s, there is something really entertaining about watching my kids play with My Little Ponies, Smurfs, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Before my kids were lucky enough to get a set of the little green guys and old school DVDs for Christmas, they decided they needed some TMNT gear to play with when their cousin Tommy was in town.


Ninja Turtle Paper Plate Masks.  Turtle Power!


IMG_7900 IMG_7901 IMG_7902

A reminder that it’s always the simplest toys they play with longest.  Should have remembered that this Christmas; they’ve already lost Raphael!

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