Knee Deep In The Water Somewhere


We’re spending the week in a little house in Maine!  We’ll be doing a whole lot of nothing, spending a lot of time at the beach, just being together.  We get back this weekend and the kids start school on Monday.  So excited to spend these last few days of summer together.

See you soon!

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Time Out!

The kids and I are heading down to Connecticut and Massachusetts to visit friends and family this week!  It’s going to be a great week!

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Taking Flight

While all of you are getting ready for fall, JDubbs and I are taking off for a mini-holiday.  We’re on our way to Bermuda for a long weekend to celebrate his birthday!  So I won’t be around to comment on the blog hop or visit your blogs until next week, but I hope you will continue to link up and play well together!

Have a great weekend!  I know we will!

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We All Need A Time Out

Since my kids have been busy…

…I think we all need a good, long time out.  In Maine.  For a week.  With no Internet.  Just me, my hubby, his family, and our Wild Things.

Luckily for me, there will be a private boat in which I can sail, but maybe not in and out of weeks and over a year.  I just hope if I use my magic trick of staring into their eyes without blinking once, I can tame them into submission for the five-hour car ride.  Or at least yell, “Be Still!” with some effect.

Until then, I will be reposting some of my favorite crafts, every day until I return.

Please enjoy them and I will be back next week, when I get lonely for those of you who love me best of all.  I will be expecting supper, and it better still be hot!

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Happiness Is… {getting away!}

This weekend I was lucky enough to be spoiled like crazy by my husband, including a night away at the Inn at Baldwin Creek in Bristol, Vermont.  We were holed up there for 26 blessed hours, and my first impressions upon arriving:

…led me to believe that this was going to be a wonderful, rejuvenating weekend away.

And once we saw our room, a suite with a sunken bedroom complete with fireplace, fuzzy bathrobes, skylights, and jacuzzi tub, I was certain it was going to be a fabulous weekend!

And to top it all off, JDubbs had champagne and dessert sent up to the room, which we ate before dinner.  I really am the luckiest girl.

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Where Have I Been?

Hello, bloggy buddies.  I’m sure you’re getting tired of my on-again, off-again appearances here lately.  Just when I finally get my act together with WordPress and figure out how to upload my photos, I disappear.  Well, I had a good reason.  My birthday was on Friday and my husband, the stellar man that he is, has been treating me to a weekend to remember, and I only just now have a minute to sit down and reconnect with you all.

JDubbs surprised me with a spa manicure and pedicure on Friday before taking me out to one of my favorite restaurants.  His parents had the kids for the night so we were off duty and got to spend the night in the deep, restful kind of slumber that comes when you’re not half-listening for a baby or wondering if your preschooler is going to journey out of his new big boy bed.  Then yesterday, my mom, niece, and nephew came up to babysit for the night and we headed two hours away to really rural Vermont, to a cozy little inn…

where I’ve had time to read an entire book, take some photos,

eat some yummy food, and make a new friend.

Now, JDubbs is off at a cooking class, which I gave him as a Christmas present, and I am relaxing in a cool little cafe in town, people-watching, eaves-dropping on conversations, and wondering if there is any way I could surreptitiously photograph this man with the beard and suspenders without him noticing me.  Then home to tuck in my babies and start the week refreshed and happy, lucky to be married to such a thoughtful man and to have such great family who helps us find a little time for just us two every now and then.

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