Stormy Night

Well JDubbs is in Washington, DC, the kids and I are in Massachusetts, there is a storm knocking on our doorstep and who knows if we’ll still have power by tonight?  My parents are very easy-going, and I think we will find that there will be an item or two that we are lacking–ahem, flashlights–but we don’t need much but each other to get through a stormy night.  Add the fact that my sister-in-law is due with her second baby tomorrow and may be popping him/her out at any moment–it makes for a dramatic visit to civilization, to be sure!

Be safe until my life resumes its normalcy!  Who knows when that will be.  Until then, enjoy this picture of Thing 1 and Thing 2, having breakfast together, one of their favorite times of day!

We’ll see you after the storm!  Let’s see what Hurricane Sandy will bring!

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Come On, Irene!

Hello beautiful bloggy friends!! It’s been too long and I have missed all of you, your comments, our interaction, and of course, your blogs!  I hope you have enjoyed all my favorite crafts, and maybe some of you are new here and didn’t see them the first time around.  I hope maybe I helped one or two of you get through this weekend, especially if you are like me, and dealing with that bitch Hurricane Irene.  She actually wasn’t as terrible as we were expecting up here in Vermont–virtually no winds, actually–but the flooding.  Oh, the flooding!

JDubbs, the kids, and I rolled in to our house at about 6:15 last night, quickly unpacked, did a load of laundry so Jax could have some underwear and Em could have some pjs, then slept–only to wake up this morning and head to my in-laws’ house (on higher elevation) to spend the day and see what trouble Irene would bring.  Apparently our driveway was already in the process of being washed away (not paved, obviously, and a small creek ran underneath the end of our driveway), and a large sinkhole had appeared in our street early this afternoon when JDubbs tried to return home.  The roads to our house are flooded, and I have no idea when we’ll return home.  Hopefully we can at least hike there tomorrow because, stupidly, we didn’t prepare for the worst and do not have nearly enough clothes for an extended stay.  We also have to pick up Baxter, our dog, from the kennel tomorrow, and he will add an extra level of craziness to the mix.  So the moral of the story is, I may lose power tonight, for who knows how long, and although I love and miss you all, I don’t know when my act will be together enough to resume my normal routine.

Thanks for being here, even when I’m not.  I truly appreciate you all, and hope that Irene was at least kind to you.

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