Technical Difficulties

Hello Rub Some Dirt On It friends and family!  My laptop is experiencing serious technical difficulties and the next post that should have taken me ten minutes to post has taken me two days.  I’m trying my best to get back on track very soon!  Hopefully a new post will be up tonight or tomorrow!  Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Disclaimer: We’re heading into busy photography season here at Rub Some Dirt On It and Rebecca Whitney Photography, so my posts may be a bit more spread apart than usual.  Just this past week I had four photo shoots in 8 days, and I was just hired to take some photos for Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center’s flu shot campaign (ironically, since the kids and I don’t get our flu shots, much to our doctors at DHMC’s annoyance).  I have to do four shoots and have the photos back to them by the 23rd, and have an unrelated responsibility to write an article with photos for my local newspaper at the same time.  Basically, I am a bit behind the blogging 8 ball, but I will be back to my more punctual self as soon as I can!  Luckily, most of my families have given me permission to share their photos here, so at least you’ll understand what I’m up to.  I love having this photographic side job and try so hard to keep the blog up-to-date, but with these glorious sunshiney days, I have a hard time staying inside to work.  Thanks for your patience and for continuing to enjoy this space; I love creating it for you.

And as a reward, here are some photos to keep you smiling!


Happy summer!

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Today was a milestone that I had seen coming for a while now, and maybe you have, too.  The day I take my blog back from the money-making pipe dream and instead go back to my roots.  Back to just me, writing, sharing my stories and photos, passing on great crafts and activities that will make you happy and make your days easier, and just being about us.  No agendas, no blog hops, no sponsors, no pressure.  I am here as often as my schedule allows, and as often as I have something worthwhile to say.  No more posting for the sake of posting, no more apologizing if something–ahem, life–gets in the way.  There was a time when I needed this blog to be bigger than it was to give myself purpose and a sense of accomplishment, and I did that.  I feel good about where Rub Some Dirt On It went, and where it’s going.  But with baby #3 on the way, it’s just silly to think that blogging five times a week or spending hours commenting and linking and hopping is a reasonable expectation for myself.  So I am letting that go, and with it, the guilt of cheating on the blog with my photography, my friends, gasp–my family!  Instead it will be a happy place where we can all go to find good things.  Not always rainbows and unicorns and that I-make-parenting-look-easy nonsense; lots of real emotion and stories.  Still here often.  But all the extra stuff?  The buttons and the blog rolls and the fear that I’m not doing enough?  Gone by the wayside.  Well, not my Pin It button–Lord knows I love my Pinterest!  For now, we’re back to a blog about being a mom in the middle of nowhere, Vermont, surviving and loving life.  That’s what you came for, anyway, right?  Oh that and the ideas on how to survive the winter trapped inside with two children, a fetus, and a dog–don’t worry, I’ll keep it coming.  I’m still as much of a spectacle as ever–just without the distractions.

Thanks for being here, as always.  Thanks for supporting me, and enjoying this space.  I’m looking forward to enjoying it just as much, too, and seeing where this new journey takes us.  Probably somewhere covered in paint and dog hair, but it’ll be fun all the same.

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Stormy Night

Well JDubbs is in Washington, DC, the kids and I are in Massachusetts, there is a storm knocking on our doorstep and who knows if we’ll still have power by tonight?  My parents are very easy-going, and I think we will find that there will be an item or two that we are lacking–ahem, flashlights–but we don’t need much but each other to get through a stormy night.  Add the fact that my sister-in-law is due with her second baby tomorrow and may be popping him/her out at any moment–it makes for a dramatic visit to civilization, to be sure!

Be safe until my life resumes its normalcy!  Who knows when that will be.  Until then, enjoy this picture of Thing 1 and Thing 2, having breakfast together, one of their favorite times of day!

We’ll see you after the storm!  Let’s see what Hurricane Sandy will bring!

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A Mouthful

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have bitten off more than I can chew.

In the next seven days, I will have shot 9 photo shoots, which will require a quick turnaround for editing because these photos are holiday card photos and potential holiday gifts.  I will have traveled to Connecticut (7 hours in the car), only to turn around and head to Massachusetts (5 hours in the car) less than 24 hours later.

I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend.  Those roles have obligations.

I am a writer and photographer, with a blog that I love and readers who enjoy being here.  I have an obligation to you all as well.

The photography class I signed up for, that exorcised my funky demons, is a WAY bigger deal than I anticipated.  Think a showing of our work reflecting the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in an actual gallery, with corresponding written works that will be punctuated by our images.  No pressure.

Don’t forget Life and Karma, those two schemers who always love to throw a curve ball in the works as soon as I get my act together.  I’m sure there will be a flat tire or a surprise camera malfunction that is going to make this entire ordeal that much more interesting.  Oh, man.

I’m in for it.

So, I may be a bit MIA, but I promise this flurry is but short-lived, and I’ll be back in full effect as soon as I am a little less obligated.  Not to say I won’t be here at all; just a little less frequently.  Soon I’ll be complaining about how boring life in Vermont is again.  Promise.

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I don’t even know how to start this post, I am in such a writing funk.  The kids and I have started our winter routine–music, gymnastics, Jax’s preschool–and the rest of my week is full of errands, hanging out with our friends, and finding time for myself and JDubbs.  It all makes the week fly by quickly, but it doesn’t lend itself to very bloggy fun.  I am just not feeling very creative and I don’t have anything new to share.  I think I am going to take the weekend off, read your wonderful blog hop submissions, drink some wine, take a Zumba class, and get my groove back.  Maybe I’ll read my favorite blogs, attempt some photography challenges, refocus.  But for now, I’m in a funk, and I’m sorry to leave you hanging for the weekend.  Anything that I write in this state wouldn’t be worth reading anyway!

So enjoy your weekends, have fun and be safe!  Promise to defunkify as soon as I can.  And, on a brighter note, since I just purchased a 35mm prime lens and I am counting the moments until it arrives, the least I will have to share is how that feels going in to my photo shoots next weekend!

Ciao, bellas!

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Come On, Irene!

Hello beautiful bloggy friends!! It’s been too long and I have missed all of you, your comments, our interaction, and of course, your blogs!  I hope you have enjoyed all my favorite crafts, and maybe some of you are new here and didn’t see them the first time around.  I hope maybe I helped one or two of you get through this weekend, especially if you are like me, and dealing with that bitch Hurrican Irene.  She actually wasn’t as terrible as we were expecting up here in Vermont–virtually no winds, actually–but the flooding.  Oh, the flooding!

Do you remember the day that Jax and I took a photo walk and ended up at the waterfall at Simon Pearce in Quechee?  Well, take a look at that same view earlier from the covered bridge this afternoon.

Waterfall Flooding

And if that video doesn’t work, just picture the Apocolype via crashing waves and fallen trees.  That is pretty much par for the course for all of the Upper Valley at this moment.

JDubbs, the kids, and I rolled in to our house at about 6:15 last night, quickly unpacked, did a load of laundry so Jax could have some underwear and Em could have some pjs, then slept–only to wake up this morning and head to my in-laws’ house (on higher elevation) to spend the day and see what trouble Irene would bring.  Apparently our driveway was already in the process of being washed away (not paved, obviously, and a small creek ran underneath the end of our driveway), and a large sinkhole had appeared in our street early this afternoon when JDubbs tried to return home.  The roads to our house are flooded, and I have no idea when we’ll return home.  Hopefully we can at least hike there tomorrow because, stupidly, we didn’t prepare for the worst and do not have nearly enough clothes for an extended stay.  We also have to pick up Baxter, our dog, from the kennel tomorrow, and he will add an extra level of craziness to the mix.  So the moral of the story is, I may lose power tonight, for who knows how long, and although I love and miss you all, I don’t know when my act will be together enough to resume my normal routine.

In addition, I’m supposed to start the new and improved blog design process tomorrow!  So maybe when we meet again, Rub Some Dirt On It will be prettier, I will be home again, and hopefully, we have a driveway!  Fingers crossed!

Thanks for being here, even when I’m not.  I truly appreciate you all, and hope that Irene was at least kind to you.

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